Online Polls, Who Believes Them?

I have watched the four debates and I have been amazed each night when pundits start touting the on line polls and how Kerry won decisively over Bush. They start talking about how wonderful this is , but keep in mind they say, this is not a scientific poll.
These polls are not even close to scientific. They are more like science fiction. Let us look at why they are not an accurate reflection of what most people saw.
1. The DNC sent out a blanket email with web site addresses of the major news organizations urging its members to vote on the polls as soon as the debate was over to keep the republicans from claiming victory.
2. Many on line polls had thousands of votes shortly after the debates started.
3. The on line poll is global. Anyone with internet access from any country in the world could log on and vote.
4. Even if they had technology to keep the poll in the US there is no way to tell if the people voting are eligible to do so. They could be felons, too young, or not registered.
5. The national polls show that we are a deeply divided nation with the race pretty even at 49%-49%. Some polls have a few numbers each way for either candidate. If the nation is that polarized, what are the odds that one candidate or the other would lose in the polls by 50%?

So as you see these polls do not get disheartened. Think about what you saw and who you think won the debate. Keep in mind part of the reason the DNC wants you to think Kerry is doing so well is to keep you from going out on election day.
DO NOT play in to their hands. No matter what you hear about exit polling or that polls are closed or any other bunk, go to the polls. Get out and vote no matter what. Remember Florida? They called the state for Gore when the polls in the Central Time Zone of FL were still open. A lot of people decided to leave those long lines and go home. That deliberate trick almost worked. Think about how many more votes Bush would have had if those people in the predominately republican counties of the panhandle had stayed in line.

No matter what get out and vote. I will be at the polls if I have to crawl through broken glass and swim across a pool of alcohol. Nothing short of death should keep you from the polls. We must not let them discourage us. Be as strong and resolute as our president. You do not want to wake up on November 3rd and hear “President elect John Kerry”!!!

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