One Year Anniversary Of Katrina

The one year anniversary of hurricane Katrina has passed with little fanfare. If ever an event defined the failure of liberalism this would be it. Even though Mississippi was hit harder they were not in the news and people were not hanging around waiting for the storm.

If you want to know what liberalism does to people just look back at the pictures of the people after the event. There were people standing on bridges, standing in water and just standing around in general. They made no attempt to go anywhere. They stood there looking around as if they expected the government to show up and carry them away because they did expect the government to come pick them up and carry them away! They lacked the initiative to do something for themselves. This is because the government has done so much for them they do not know how to do for themselves.

It is an unfortunate (or inconvenient) truth but it is the truth nonetheless. The welfare state has produced a segment of society where people are unable to do for themselves and they expect the government to do everything for them. When this happens you end up with the aftermath of Katrina.

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