Once Again, Never Trust A Democrat

For what seems like eternity, we have been going back and forth over the process to confirm presidential nominees. The donks have an obstructionist way of accomplishing this task, or not accomplishing as the case would be. I had that “warning Will Robinson” feeling after that blockbuster deal the 14 dim wits in the Senate brokered to avert the so called nuclear option. I opined that it would not be long before the donks went back on their word. I was right within 3 days.

Now, while they talk about a fair process, they are plotting to go to war. I posted yesterday that a battle was brewing. Now we have UPChuck Schumer from New York being caught chatting on his cell phone talking about how they are ready to go to war over the nomination, any nomination, Bush makes. Funny, the jackasses did not want to go to war with the terrorists but the limp wristed pansies have suddenly decided to wage “war” with the president. Here is a bit of what UPChuck had to say:

“Even William Rehnquist is more moderate than they expected. The only ones that resulted how they predicted were [Antonin] Scalia and [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg. So most of the time they’ve gotten their picks wrong, and that’s what we want to do to them again.”

So now you see how it works. This piece of horse dung does not care about the American people, the judicial process, or doing the job he was elected to do. No, he “wants to do it to them again.” Schumer is from New York. The state that elected Hillary and reelected this jackass with 70% of the vote. I have to believe that bad things happen in New York and to New York because they do stupid things like elect these cretins.

UPChuck had some other stuff to say and it was about the 14 dim wits that brokered the deal. He said:

Schumer later went on to mock the “Gang of 14” judicial filibuster deal and said it wasn’t relevant in the Supreme Court debate.
“A Priscilla Owen or Janice Rogers Brown style appointment may not have been extraordinary to the appellate court but may be extraordinary to the Supreme Court.”

No surprise here. He is not man enough to keep the word he and his cronies gave. But that is OK. By saying the brokered deal does not apply to Supreme Court nominees he is also saying that the part where the republicans agreed not to exercise the nuclear option does not apply. Oops. UPChuck stepped in it this time. He just told somebody on the phone that he would not consider it wrong if the republicans exercised the nuclear option. We owe him a big thanks.

The battle is indeed going to be rough. You can never, ever trust a democrat to do things fairly. I say we nuke them and get it over with.

Read it here.

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