Once Again Hamas Provokes Violence; Israel Condemned

For quite some time now Hamas has been launching rockets into Israel. The rockets, accompanied by mortars, were sometimes delivered at a rate of 100 per day. Now these were not rockets launched at a military target or at combatants, these were projectiles indiscriminately launched into Israel with no regard for where they would land or who they would injure or kill. Hamas gave little thought to the civilian casualties or to the innocent children who could be injured.

During this time Israel has warned Hamas that it would retaliate if the rocket attacks did not stop. The leaders in the Arab world urged restraint and urged Israel not to resort to violence. The thing they did not do was urge Hamas to stop launching rockets. Little or no pressure was exerted on Hamas to stop provoking Israel. Israel warned that a boiling point was being reached and that the time for talking had passed. Israel urged Hamas to stop or there would be hell to pay.

Today that hell broke loose as Israel launched attacks inside of Gaza and took out quite a few strongholds from where the rockets were launched. The Arab world is shocked, shocked I say, that Israel would attack. I wonder why these barbaric animals are shocked that Israel attacked after it said that it would? This reminds me of how that part of the world reacted when George Bush said we would soon exact revenge on those who knocked our buildings down and then he did it. How dare they keep their word?

Well, the usual suspects have lined up to condemn Israel. The Arab league is meeting while various mouthpieces in their backwards culture condemn the acts of the Zionists. Blah, blah. Members of the European Union are urging restraint while the Arabs and other Jew haters condemned Israel.

It is like this, the Arab world will call anything that Israel does wrong and will condemn it. None of these pencil necked terrorists condemned Hamas or told Hamas to stop launching rockets and now they are acting like someone stole their camel because they got smacked back. These animals only understand violence and they look at non violence as a sign of weakness. The rockets were launched into Israel and Israel did not respond so more rockets were launched.

Now of course, Israel has unleashed fury and the animals are crying. Oh, there were children and civilians who were injured. Spare me the tears. The cowards who pass as men in that part of the world routinely hide among the women and children and they have little regard for their lives any other time. They have no regard for the women and children who might get hurt by the rockets they launch into Israel. They only play to the sympathies of the world so that people will condemn Israel. The propaganda worked last time Israel defended itself.

I have been critical of Israel in the past but not because it attacked. I have been critical because it waits way too long and then it never completes the job and bows to international pressure. Israel needs to ignore all the calls for restraint and continue to bomb the living hell out of Gaza and Hamas. It needs to turn the place into a human wasteland where rubble and remains are all that is left. It needs to defend its nation with overwhelming strength that is hugely disproportionate to what was used against it. It is obvious that little forays into a mini war do not yield results so Israel needs to absolutely level the place and kill every living thing that presents opposition. Then it needs to dare any other nation of barbarians to mess with it.

Israel has a small piece of land and it is surrounded by enemies who want it exterminated. Israel is the only land of opportunity in the region where people of different backgrounds can live and worship without fear. There are mosques in Israel where Muslims may worship. You cannot say that anything similar takes place in surrounding nations. But Israel is constantly under attack by those who keep asking for a little more land. Leave here and there will be peace. There will be no peace until you leave there. Go here, go there, leave here, leave there, capitulate, give us what we want and there will be peace.

But there is never peace. The Arab world continues to push and push. It continues to work to destroy Israel and to wipe it off the map.

The United Nations condemns Israel for defending itself but takes little action to sanction those nations provoking Israel. Israel is always made out to be the bad guy and it is not right.

Israel has a right to defend itself as does any other nation on this planet. Everyone else needs to mind their business and let Israel work out its problems with its neighbors. If other Middle Eastern countries get involved then Israel will need to decide how to handle it and when (as well as who) to ask for help.

Until that time, people should let Israel take care of its own business. I for one would like to see Israel not stop until Hamas is a memory and nothing more.

The Jerusalem Post | al Reuters

Big Dog

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17 Responses to “Once Again Hamas Provokes Violence; Israel Condemned”

  1. judy frank says:

    Are the Israelites “barbaric” for killing people, or only the people they kill? There wasn’t one mention in your piece about Israel strangling the people in Gaza with a blockade.

    • s.hyman says:

      Are you kidding? Too bad you have no clue. For survival, Israel must destroy all of hamas, hezbollah and the rest. Demolish them all.

    • Micah says:

      Ok I understand your concern for Israel’s blockade around the Gaza area. First thing I would like to say is that do not get all your information based off of strict media sources, for you always are susceptible to biases. I happen to be Jewish and have been to the middle east numerous times (im even planning to live there) and I have numerous friends that live there both arab and jewish. My Arab friend, for example, understands the need for the blockade- it is to prevent Fanatics from gaining easy access into Israel. Israel is trying to worry about other means of getting supplies to that area, however they must be mindful of their citizens. All I ask is to please educate yourself and not be like the ignorant others who want to get involved and thing that by listening to some news is going to do that and educate them. Thanks and I would love to hear your response.

      • Big Dog says:

        If you think I get my news from the MSM then you have not read this site. I do not believe them and know they have a bias for the left and are in Obama’s back pocket.

        They are also anti Semitic.

        Israel must be mindful of its security first and foremost. If blockades help provide that security then the people will have to deal with it.

        If they want it to stop then maybe they can get the Palestinians to stop attacking.

  2. Big Dog says:


    Judy, why do you think they had the blockade? Perhaps because they keep getting attacked.

  3. Melinda says:

    No other country, to my knowledge would let rockets strike inside their territory and NOT respond, yet most of the world askes Israel to not respond? crazy, I hope Israel finished the job this time, for everyones sake.

  4. The Free people who hate the cowars moslems says:

    Israel sent SMS messages to spare the innocent before attacking the coward islamic cowards trash of the earth called Hamas. The Hamas on the other hand intentionally attack civilians. The Hamas deserve to be bombed to hell by Israel. They are cowards who attack innocent civilians with rockets from far away. Not only that, all cowards moslems who attack innocent civilians deserve to have their penises cut and fed to their children. Death to Islamic Terrorist cowards. Go fuck yourselves! Death to Jihad ideology! Death to Cowardice and Terrorism! This is the real Jihad! the free people acting out of noble intentions killing the guilty cowards!

  5. Carla says:

    Exactly, and Israel needs to take Gaza back

  6. Smooth Stone says:

    Judy Frank, where was your rage when Kassam rockets were being launched by Hamas savages against Israeli civilians over an international border into the sovereign nation of Israel? Nowhere. And that’s why you’re a hypocrital fraud.

  7. Jony says:

    Hamas is nothing but cowards, what did they think will happen after the shoot civilians for 8 years now and hide missiles inside civilian territory, anyone should have known that israel will have to shoot like that hamas should have known and they chose to abuse the palastinians

  8. SpideyTerry says:

    I am so sick and tired of this crap! Where the hell do others get off condemning Israel for defending itself?! Maybe they should try spending a day in an Israeli city that regularly sees Hamas attacks. Maybe then their outlook would change (course I doubt it since many of those condemning Israel are overwhelming anti-semitic and clearly incapable of rational thought).

    The funny thing is, I’m not even Jewish. Can you imagine how Jews/Israelis feel about all of this condemnation of Israel? Something tells me, not too happy about it.

    My advice to Israel – don’t stop until every member of Hamas is dead and buried. Then feel free to move on to Hezbollah and every other terrorist than means you harm. Contrary to what Democrats and others would have you believe, you cannot negotiate with terrorists. You can, however, kill them.

  9. […] about it on the news, read various other commentaries, and I REALLY like the way Big Dog phrases it here and here , but what do you expect of mad […]

  10. cmblake6 says:

    “My advice to Israel – don’t stop until every member of Hamas is dead and buried. Then feel free to move on to Hezbollah and every other terrorist than means you harm. Contrary to what Democrats and others would have you believe, you cannot negotiate with terrorists. You can, however, kill them.”

    The hell with burial, let the buzzards and rats have their fill. And when THEY can’t eat any more, use a bulldozer to scrape the rest into a pit and burn it. Except that may be unkind to the buzzards and rats.

  11. djhartm says:

    I hope Israel has the intent and the perseverance to annihilate all of the Hamas dogs and there supporters. Then I would crush Hezbollah. Too many times Israel has aborted missions, and I hope this is not one of those times. To the idiots calling Israel, ‘savages’, I suggest they move to one of the Gaza border towns, where rockets & mortars regularly rain down courtesy of Hamas.

  12. the free people who hate fundamentalists says:

    Imagine, since the 1940’s – Israel was attacked by every Arab Nation in the Mideast. And the did not succeed. Why? Because these Arabs don’t have good intentions. They will never win. Israel will beat the crap out of these people and they will spend the rest of their lives crying. Why? Coz God is Jewish. He hates fundamentalists. =P

  13. So BigDog ! You don’t like my comments or answers to the posts on your blog and deleted them! Makes you a hypocrite bro cos that’s constructive critic By the looks of it this blog is only for Friends of the Jews ?

    • Big Dog says:

      No, that is not correct. Your comments got sucked into the spam blackhole because you commented about 10 times on the same blog post. The spam killers viewed you as spam.

      The fact that your url is that of a business and not of an informational blog only added credence tot he spam attack.

      Anyone is allowed to comment so long as they follow the rules.

      As for supporting Israel, yep and I will until the day I die. I want every Islamic terrorist to be KILLED.

      I will not listen to the propaganda from people like you or the MSM. I will back the Israelis because they are right in the matter. They have been tolerant far too long and now they are fighting back and they need to fight until EVERY last member of Hamas is DEAD.

      Kill them all, let Allah sort them out.