Once A Lawbreaker, Part II

Anyone who thinks that people who broke the law to get here will obey the law in the future if we would just cave in to demands that they be given legal status is deluding himself. Despite what President Bush said last night about how many good people come here ILLEGALLY the fact is there are people who come here ILLEGALLY and continue to break the law. This is from Citizen-Times.com site (in its entirety):

ASHEVILLE – A parting gunshot from a vehicle leaving Waffle House in West Asheville shattered a window and caused a minor injury, police said.

The shooting happened around 3:00 a.m. Saturday after a group of whites argued with a group of Hispanics at the 24-hour restaurant on Smokey Park Highway, Asheville police Lt. Wallace Welch said.

“The two groups were jawing back and forth with each other over citizenship issues and whatnot,” Welch said.

As the Hispanic group drove off, someone in the vehicle fired at least once into a large window near the front door, he said.

Whether from a ricocheted bullet or flying glass, Welch said, one man’s arm was bleeding when police arrived. He declined medical treatment.

Police were looking for a white Dodge Intrepid that left the restaurant going west.

Maybe I am off base, (I doubt it) but if you want people who live here legally to empathize with you and not look at you as the lawbreaker you are, perhaps you should not go around shooting at people. Here we have a group (described in the 911 tapes as Mexicans) who were upset by the conversation they had with a group of Americans so they take a pot shot at them. Someone was injured but could easily have been killed.

These are the kind of people who cross the border each and every day. This is why we need to enforce laws so that people who come here are screened to ensure they are not violent, do not have criminal records, and do not carry disease. Instead, we have politicians who want to just turn a blind eye, again, and allow people here who should be in jail. This jackass broke the law by having a firearm, by discharging the firearm, and by assaulting people and likely broke the law to get here. If we catch him and his amigos we need to lock them up for about 10 years. If we deport them without holding them accountable then we have failed the people who actually belong here.

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