O’Malley Should Not Even Be Considered

I understand that Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland, has a big announcement planned for 30 May. He will be in Baltimore, the city that suffered under his polices when he was its mayor, to announce he plans to run for president.

O’Malley is a liberal moron who does not believe people are smart enough to make their own decisions, provide for themselves or protect themselves and their families. He is anti-gun and imposed strict gun laws when he was governor. He invited countless illegal immigrants and gave them “stuff.” He is part of the nanny state leadership that only knows how to rule over people, tax them to death and then waste the money collected.

He should never be president of this or any other country though Czar of some communist nation would be more in line with his beliefs and leadership style.

He has decided to take on Hillary Clinton and he will have a formidable task ahead. She is polling well among Democrats because most are too stupid to see the crime she is involved in. O’Malley is polling at about 1% so he has a long way to go.

I think Hillary should occupy a jail cell instead of the Oval Office and O’Malley is no better. He should not be elected president, period.

He does have a few things going for him in that Bill Clinton once praised him and said he would be president someday. Clinton also claimed O’Malley was a terrific governor and that Maryland was voted best run twice while O’Malley was in office.

Not sure who they polled on that but O’Malley raised several dozen taxes (and enacted some new ones) and he went so far as to tax the rain that landed on people’s property. O’Malley’s terms in office saw an outflow of people from the state to other states because of his inept leadership and tax and spend policies. The economy was poor during his reign and only remained better than a lot of other states because of Maryland’s proximity to DC. A very large number of DC politicians and other DC federal workers, lobbyists and journalists (many with well-paying jobs) live in Maryland.

Even with nearly recession proof jobs and the flow of federal dollars from DC the state fell on hard times under the dictatorship of O’Malley.

He might be a great leader to Bill Clinton but that does not say much. Or maybe I should say Bill thinks Hillary would make a great president so that says a lot about his assessments…

It will be interesting to see what Bill says about him if he does in fact jump in the race.

I do not want to see Hillary Clinton or Martin O’Malley as president. I hope O’Malley gets trounced early and bows out and that Hillary gets beaten badly with the reports of her crimes so that even if she wins the Democrat nomination she can’t win the general.

If you are a moron like Snoop Dogg and want her to win so we can have a woman in the White House you are not smart enough to vote. People voted for Obama to have a black guy in the White House and look how that worked out.

He is a disaster.

If you vote for someone because of their color or sex you should be banned from voting FOR LIFE.

If O’Malley ends up winning he will certainly continue Obama’s quest to drive America into the ground. Hillary will do the same but she is older and unhealthy so maybe she will get a visit from the Reaper…

The nightmare will be if she wins and picks O’Malley as a running mate.

Then we can only hope they fly Malaysian Air…

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2 Responses to “O’Malley Should Not Even Be Considered”

  1. sgtmac67 says:

    I live on the West coast, so not familar with this O’Malley fella. But from your post, and what I’ve read and seen on the news, Baltimore is the result of the same liberal polices, that finished off Detroit.

    I don’t think this guy, has a snowballs chance in hell of catching Hillary, but remember this odd looking fella from Chicago, that became president? That said, the “silent majority,” (Remember those guys), would be well advised to make sure they vote, and not let in someone who talks a good game, become president.

    Seems lately the electorate votes for the good looking guy, the guy who speaks well, or the fella whose turn it is next. We need to get off this never ending merry-go-round, and elect someone, who actually has a record.