O’Malley Is A Typical Liberal

He likes to live off other people’s money…

I don’t know if Democrat presidential candidate (polling at about 1%) Martin O’Malley ever had a real job, you know, in the private sector, but if he did it was a long time ago. Sometime after he lied on his bar application he became a public servant which is liberal code for using the public for their own service.

O’Malley (or O’Moron as I like to call him) has lived off the taxpayer for a long time. That runs in the family as his wife draws a salary off the taxpayer as a judge (and she is following in her daddy’s footsteps of living off the taxpayer).

Liberals love to put their hands in your pockets and spend your money. O’Malley was governor of Maryland and he drove the state farther down the hole of oppression and tyranny. During his tenure he had furniture that cost the taxpayer $62,000 in a part of the Governor’s Mansion.

Interestingly it was declared junk and sold to the O’Malleys for just under $10,000.

Look, it might have been junk though I hardly think that junk would be kept in the Governor’s Mansion. But the family is a bunch of liberals so they have no respect for other people’s stuff which means they might have trashed it completely.

If it was junk it should be sold but there is a catch. There are procedures in place and they were not followed. Someone in the private sector might have wanted to bid on the stuff but there was no notification. It was labeled junk at Mrs. O’Malley’s request (curious is it not?) and then sold to them.

If it was truly junk why would the O’Malley’s want it? He is running for president for goodness sake. Does he really want people to think he buys junk because his huge salary as governor would not allow him to buy new stuff? Perhaps living off the taxpayer all these years allowed him to believe he was entitled.

Liberals are a bunch of people who believe they are entitled to the stuff of other people.

In any event, O’Moron appears to have broken the rules regarding how these things are done.

It will go largely unnoticed by the liberal media.

Funny though. Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland moved his own furniture into the Mansion to make up for what was sold.

I wonder if he will be accused of stealing the furniture when he takes it with him…

Do not vote for O’Moron. He could mess up an anvil with a rubber mallet.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “O’Malley Is A Typical Liberal”

  1. Barbara says:

    That man will never get my vote. He like the Clinton’s, will steal everything not nailed down and trash the rest. Yep! Pathetic pos.