O’Malley Does Not Have Courage of His Convictions

Governor O’Malley testified recently about the death penalty and how it did not work. He said that in states without the death penalty the murder rate was lower than in states that had it and that the penalty might cause an increase in violent crime. O’Malley claims to be opposed to the death penalty because, in part, it has no deterrent value. Though he wanted a complete ban on the death penalty, he is willing to compromise:

Governor O’Malley is considering a compromise that would limit the death penalty in Maryland to just a few types of offenders — such as inmates who kill prison guards. WBAL

I have written on this before but I need to point out this hypocrisy. If the death penalty has no deterrent value then why have it in certain cases? The truth is, they believe it will deter inmates from killing correction officers or it will deter criminals from killing cops. It either has deterrent value or it does not. O’Malley and his minions can not have it both ways, though I doubt an electorate that voted him into office has enough sense to view things this logically.

I am also opposed to the idea that correctional officers or police officers have more value than others in society. Why is it that a cop killed in the line of duty has more value than the person standing on the corner waiting for the bus. In reality, the cop has a gun and other weapons and can use his radio to call for a lot of other cops to come to his aid. You can bet the farm that more of them will come and a lot faster than they will when John Q Public dials 911.

I believe in the death penalty. I don’t really care about deterrent value because it is a punishment. It is punishment that is given when a criminal takes another person’s life in the commission of a crime. That person pays his debt and he will never commit a crime again. If it happens to make other criminals think twice then that is sauce for the goose. Regardless of whether we use it or not, the state needs to be consistent.

Either we have a total ban on the death penalty or it is made available for all cases of murder. No person has more value than another so the Governor and his henchmen need to stop playing games. They need to exhibit some testicular fortitude. It is an all or nothing situation Marty. We have a death penalty or we do not and that means NO EXCEPTIONS. I don’t know how to make it any clearer.

The Governor seems to believe that we are all safe and that it is OK to let murderers live. I guess when you have an armed detail guarding you it is easy to believe everyone is as safe.

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