Old Friends

I received an email from an old Army buddy through the web response at my web site. SGT K and I have known each other for a few years and we have enjoyed good times together. We have played golf together and we have worked side by side to ensure the safety of our fellow soldiers and the civilian workforce. I know he always has my back and he knows I have his. This is the kind of brotherhood that people like Michael Moore would have you believe does not exist. Here is some of what SGT K wrote:

I am glad we have an American like you to stand up for a President that not everyone believes in. The truth is that I as well as you do believe in him.

I am, as you know, a U.S Soldier and a leader at that, so with the election over I for one am glad that George W. Bush is still the American President. Jim, you know me as a friend and I you, so you know I am the last person to argue about “the issues” that plague our nation everyday, but unfortunatly I am affected personally. My family as well. And it is nice to know that there is someone who feels strongly enough to post a website and a webblog strictly about “the issues”.

Despite what Michael Moore and his ilk would have you believe about our military and their desires, here is a soldier who supports the president and even though it affects him and his family personally, he accepts that responsibility as a debt he owes this nation. This soldier along with countless others is a Great American and I am proud to be counted among his friends.

I am retired now but I look out for soldiers in any way that I can. I did that as a leader when I served and I do it as a veteran now that I am out. I hope that my small part here in cyberspace lets them know that there are people out here who care and who are thankful for what they do. God Bless our military and God bless America.

SGT K, the cold ones are on me the next time we meet.

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2 Responses to “Old Friends”

  1. John Kim says:

    My first visit to the new digs…very impressed! I’ll be a frequent visitor and commenter. Keep up the great work

  2. nada says:

    Just wanted to say hi, John.
    Jim’s been doing a great job over at totg as well which is turning out to be sort of a collaborative blog. We’d always welcome your input and ideas there as well.
    Thank you for your service and welcome.