OK to Kill Bush, Not Obama or Clinton Though

Some time ago a movie came out that depicted President Bush being assassinated. There was some disgust expressed but the movie was allowed to play as liberals had orgasms at the very thought of it coming to fruition. That was all well and good and the poloice and Secret Service did not get involved. If they had, liberals would have been crying about freedom of speech.

Now, a man has been detained in New York because he put up an art exhibit depicting the assassination of Hillary Clinton and the assassination of Barack Obama. The art exhibit dealt with the artist’s perceived character assassination of these candidates by the media.

The police called the Secret Service and the man, Yazmany Arboleda, was whisked away for interrogation. The police and the SS were worried that his art might incite a nut to do something criminal. This man’s rights were violated.

It is perectly OK to depict Jesus in urine or animal dung on the Virgin Mary and it is even OK to make a fil showing President Bush being assassinated but God forbid someone mention the word assassinate (look how they reacted to Hillary’s comment) when referring to the two Democrats. This man was not allowed to display his art and for what reason?

I think these kinds of displays are quite stupid but I also believe that this artist had every right to put it up and the SS and police should have left him alone.

They certainly left the movie producers alone.

New York Times

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3 Responses to “OK to Kill Bush, Not Obama or Clinton Though”

  1. […] certainly left the movie producers alone. via Big Dogs Weblog   […]

  2. Brad says:

    1. If you don’t think the secret service spoke with the film makers and that there wasn’t some level or outrage and protest your naive.
    2. I don’t agree the guy should have been detained but i also haven’t seen the full details.
    3. Its standard procedure for Secret Service to be involved with this…they even pay visits to gradeschoolers if they make a drawing in school of something similar. Not saying its right…but its reality. Its unfortunate but if this had been painted by Bob Ross there likely would have been less attention paid to the artist. What little i have been able to find suggests he was questioned briefly and let go and that he wasn’t required to remove the art. Heck the Secret Service even came and paid a visit to one of our local talk radio hosts who made some satirical anti-bush comments on the air a few years ago.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Quite a difference between the SS talking to the film producer then not shutting down the film and talking to the artist and actually shutting down the art.