Ohio Voters Register Complaint Over New Rules

During the 2000 election we were barraged with accusations of voter fraud. In 2004 Michael Moore and a band of other liberal gypsies decided to watch for voter fraud. Besides a few accusations, they came up with nothing concrete and post election research showed that Democrats were actually involved in more voter fraud acts that were Republicans. In 2004 there were accusations of voter fraud in Ohio. This is a pattern the left appears to use and that is dispute the state that decides the election. John Kerry conceded but not without making reference to fraud. Now, Ohio voting registration is more strict requiring the person who took the registration to put his name and address on the card and subjects the registrar to fines for errors.

There are groups complaining about this process and the claim, as it always is, is that it hurts poor people. I can’t understand how since the person may still be registered but now it will be done with some accountability. This of course is the real problem for the liberals because they never want to be held accountable for their acts. They also realize that with more stringent rules dead people may not vote. The dead have supported the left for a long time, in fact, ever since Mayor Richard Daley recruited them to help Kennedy win the Presidency. While Democrats cry about election reform the only reform they want is anything that will prevent Republicans from being elected.

Interestingly though, the folks in Ohio are singing a different tune with regard to fraud. Remember, during the 2004 race they cried about all kinds of disenfranchisement. Now that the rules have made it tougher they have given us this little tid bit:

But a separate study last year by the League of Women Voters found that voter registration fraud did not necessarily result in fraud at the polls. Out of 9,078,728 votes cast in Ohio in 2002 and 2004, the report said, only four ballots were fraudulent, according to statistics provided by officials from the state’s 88 county boards of elections.

I realize that registration is only one piece of the puzzle but it is a start. Now we need to turn up the heat to require photo ID to vote (and no ID can be issued to an ILLEGAL), paper receipts and strong punishment for anyone caught engaging in voter fraud (including voting more than once).

The donks have tried to make stealing elections an easier task for them under the guise of voter reform. While the Ohio effort is a step in the right direction we need tougher rules and positive ID. Without those it will be too easy for people to scam the system.

The New York Times

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