Oh, no! It’s a Banana!

Things have gone way too far in that big world of political correctness and sensitivity. Somehow, eating a banana in public has become offensive and the center of much consternation for the Georgia town of Columbus.

While on her way to a civil rights march on January 21, Gwen Stewart espied from her bus window two police officers eating bananas. The police officers took the odious bananas off a cart providing food for those working to facilitate the rally. For reasons Stewart refuses to disclose to anyone, she claims she found the eating of these bananas extremely offensive. She also insists those around her found it offensive too.

Stewart has written to her public representative and the mayor of Columbus requesting the names of these officers and demanding apologies for this horrendous behavior. She received apologies, but not the names. The city refuses to release them. Why would she demand the names? I can only imagine she wants to sue for emotional distress and damages.

Although this occurred over a month ago, the story still has appeal. It was mentioned on FNC yesterday; bloggers have gone wild over it; and, Columbus is still issuing Stewart apologies. Intrepid reporter Tim Chitwood of the local paper, The Ledger-Enquirer, diligently keeps us all up to date.

Now, I’m no fan of bananas; but, give it a break! If the act of eating a banana strikes you as offensive or troubling, look away! Avert your eyes! Have we reached a point where people cannot eat fruit in public? Must we require public officials to waste their time sending letters and calling to apologize over bizarre complaints?

Maybe I’m asking too many questions. This one you have to decide for yourself. Here’s the big question and one for which I’m likely to catch flack: If Stewart wasn’t going to a civil rights march — if she was some white suburban housewife heading to the grocery store, would her complaint receive any attention at all? Personally, I think not.

Where Bananas Never End — Tim Chitwood

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2 Responses to “Oh, no! It’s a Banana!”

  1. Big Dog says:

    In this story the woman says that people should know why it is offensive and if they don’t they should find out. Well, I don’t know what is offensive about eating a banana but I know what is offensive about stupidity. Stupidity is offensive because people can actually do something about it. If this idiot would just enlighten the world on what was offensive we all might know.

    I think it is a shame that these officers were out there working to protect this ding a ling and she has a problem with them having a nutritious snack. I read the part in the story where it refers to blacks being compared to apes and the banana might have offended her. Get real big girl. You have to let go. Every damned thing in life can not be some covert form of racism.

    This woman is obviously out of her mind. Perhaps the cops should have been eating raw oysters so she could be offended that it looks like something that fell out of on ox’s nose and oxen are beasts of burden and they might be offended.

    It is interesting this dingbat was going to a civil rights rally yet felt it OK to deny these officers their right to eat something. I guess this lady does not believe in the civil rights of “those people.” I can not believe the spineless politicians apologized. I would have had her placed in the psych ward for observation. People like this lady should not be out in public.

  2. Big Dog says:

    You reminded Adam we are a Republic. Maybe we are a banana republic at that!