Oh Canada, You See The Right

Canada faces the loss of its liberal government when its people go to the polls. It seems that Canadians are not happy with the results that 13 years of liberal leadership has produced. We had that for 40 years so they should count the short time spent away from normalcy as an inconvenience rather than a curse. The Canadians have taken to conservative views:

Harper would be the first prime minister to have spent most of his life in the conservative Western province of Alberta. He promises to lower taxes, clamp down on crime, clean up government, cut health waiting times and return some power from the federal government to Canada’s 10 provinces.

Lower taxes, less government and more power to the provinces. Sounds like an idea that has merits and has worked every time it is tried. BTW, was not Canada’s health care system the model for us her in America? Of course, there are those who think this is a bad idea. I for one think that Canada should make its own decisions and while I am glad it looks like the conservatives will win I believe that if they put the liberals back in office it will be their own business. I was not happy when a bunch of Canadians were expressing their views about our election and telling Americans how they should vote so I would not do that to them. Michael Moor however, has written to them to express his point of view and though he says it is not his place to tell them he also expresses that he could not sit idly by without saying something.

“Oh, Canada — you’re not really going to elect a Conservative majority on Monday, are you? That’s a joke, right? I know you have a great sense of humor, … but this is no longer funny,” Moore complained in a commentary on his website.

Michael still does not get it. Given the hypocrisy pointed out in the book “Do As I Say” you would think Moore would be minding his own business but the political spotlight is just too bright for Moore to avoid. Instead of telling Canadians how he feels about their process he should be explaining to them how he espouses liberal views and then applies conservative ones to his own life so that he can obtain wealth.

Maybe Moore will spend three more days in bed after the Canadian elections.

Source 1:Reuters
Source 2: Yahoo News

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