Officer in Bush Motorcade Dies

Last week when the President was in Hawaii there was a mishap and three motorcycle officers were involved in an accident. On of those officers, Steve Favela, has died as a result of his injuries. It is a shame that this man was injured and died in what was probably pretty routine duties. I know the President and First lady have expressed their condolences:

Bush said in a statement that he and the first lady were “deeply saddened” by the death, and sent their condolences.

“Officer Favela risked his life every day to protect the people of his community,” Bush said in the statement. “In this time of great sadness, we give thanks for his life of service.” Breitbart (AP)

My prayers are also with the family.

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One Response to “Officer in Bush Motorcade Dies”

  1. Rosemary says:

    How awful. I pray for his family and loved ones to find comfort in our Lord, and I pray he is resting in peace.

    I also pray that this was not some precurser…