Offer has Expired

Some time ago I wrote a piece about some comments I had received over at LostAdam. The post was about specific comments made by a specific person. In the post I offered to pay for Adam’s ticket to Canada, one way, provided he denounced his US citizenship and signed legal papers stating he would never come back.

Some site picked up on this and extrapolated it to mean that I would pay for all Americans to go to Canada. I received a few requests for me to pay for a one way ticket to Canada from several losers. Though my offer was originally for Adam, I might have been willing to pay for these losers to leave. Unfortunately, they did the typical liberal thing. They asked me to pony up my money for something they wanted without showing me that they had complied. There were no attachments with legal papers or anything stating that the people had denounced their citizenship. They, as is typical, showed up with their hands out and ignored the rules.

To you folks who have requested, I must decline your request for failure to follow the rules. Adam turned down the initial offer but asked me to hold the money in case he had to run from a draft. Since, as I explained to him, I will not help anyone commit a crime, I had to decline his request.
Given that the intended recipient has declined and the few who requested did not follow the rules, I have no recourse but to say the offer has officially expired. Thanks for your interest and keep in mind that if you are really intent on leaving you can find a way.

BTW, the post showing my offer started like this:

In a typically selfless gesture a great and generous American…

The author is right on several counts. The selfless gesture is typical of Americans. I am a great and generous American. These qualities are probably the reason these losers want to leave.

You can see the whole thing here and here.

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One Response to “Offer has Expired”

  1. Adam says:

    I went over and left them a comment. You guys are cracking me up…