Off the Record, Sharpton is a Racist

Al Sharptongue was on Bill Maher’s show the other night via satellite where he confirmed to me that he is a bigger idiot than any other race baiting poverty pimp. It is not bad enough that Sharptongue said over the weekend (on one of the talking head shows) that the reason he has not apologized for the Tawana Brawley case is because he still believes her. I imagine that the fact she admitted to lying about the rape has not changed the mind of the hapless Al who needs to get a clue. Last night though, he showed what a racist pig he is.

The discussion was about Imus and Sharptongue said that the black journalists were responsible for bringing this to light. media Matters sent an email to the black journalists who reported on it. Sharptongue made it appear as if he was a bit player. He indicated that it was not he (or the others) who got Imus fired but it was the advertisers who started pulling out. That is true in essence but the advertisers were very nervous about the threats of boycotts and protests from Sharptongue. They should be afraid, when Al starts protesting, people die. Maher asked Al about a double standard with Jackson and his use of “Hymietown” (interestingly, Maher did not ask about Al’s use of cracker, white interloper, or diamond merchant or his condemnation of the Duke players who happen to be innocent of raping that, what is the word, Ho) and Al said there was no double standard, surprise, surprise.

Al indicated that what Jesse said was supposed to be off the record. I guess that makes it OK to use racial terms and denigrate people. So long as you are off the record. Al then said this thing with Imus was part of a pattern and that 60 Minutes was going to have a compilation of Imus remarks and there was talk about when Imus said he hired someone (producer maybe) to be the guy who told nigger jokes. I seem to remember reading that Imus said this as an off the cuff response when he thought it was off the record. I don’t think that makes it any better but according to Al it should not be held against him because it was OFF THE RECORD. Sharptongue will dismiss any form of racism that is committed by him or Jackson and generally any other black person. He will pretend to go after rappers but that is a game. Until he boycotts and protests and demands sponsors to leave the artist it is all window dressing.

One other thing. Sharptongue said that Maher was one of the good ones. Admittedly, Maher started it by saying, hey I’m one of the good ones. But Al had to be a bit racist by saying Bill is one of the good ones. Imagine if someone said “You can trust Obama, he’s one of the good ones.” Sharptongue would be losing his mind trying to get the racist offender fired while having innocent people stabbed to death and businesses burned down.

We would be a lot better off without these race baiting poverty pimps stirring up the pot. But, it lets me call Al names and that is always fun. I would like to meet him in person so I can put my carbon footprint on his ass.

Just for the record, Maher was pretty fair to Imus and to Sharptongue (and zinged him good at the end).

Big Dog

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One Response to “Off the Record, Sharpton is a Racist”

  1. suek says:

    All of what you say is true….but Look! When the press started talking about Imus and his “horrible” racist comment, they – and we – weren’t talking about the innocence of the Duke boys any more – or of the fact that Crystal Gail was guilty of false accusations.

    Media sleight of hand, imo.