Of All The Nerve

A senior Muslim leader in Britain was denied access to the United States this past week. Zaki Badawi, head of the Muslim College was to speak at Chautauqua Institution in New York. He was denied access at the airport. He was detained for six hours and questioned. Badawi said that he had been to the US many times and that he attended a state banquet for President Bush. The incredible part is that he made this statement.

“America is a lovely country. There is no reason she should behave like that.”

Now this is interesting. A Muslim leader and non-US citizen telling us how we should behave. I have a message for this guy. Why don’t you go find the people who are making a mockery of your religion and tell them “We Muslims are a peaceful people. There is no reason for you to act like that.” Why don’t you spend some time in the UK going around to the home grown terrorists and telling them how to act? Why don’t you spend time trying to preach to the killers who need some sense beaten into them?

Finally, this guy needs to understand that this is our country. We do not need to let him or anyone else in. There was a reason he was denied entry (privacy rules prevent this from being disclosed) but even if there was no reason, we are not obligated to let anyone in to our country. If he does not like it he can go back home and stew on it there. Of course, if this guy makes a bomb and kills people the lefties out there will say that US policy made him do it and that it was “blowback” from our actions. Screw that. Criminals and terrorists commit crimes because they are evil and they have no regard for the laws that govern civilized people.

Of course it could just be that this guy has too many parking tickets. Nah, only US citizens are required to pay those!

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