October Surprise

There are rumors starting to surface that the Washington Times will print a story on Monday that will be damaging to John Kerry. Sources are indicating that a story will hit the front page Monday and deal with something about foreign policy and Kerry’s truthfulness.

Other than that there is no indication as to what the story is about but many blogs are indicating that the story is going to be a bomb. We will have to wait and see what this is about. I do not want to speculate because the stories about the Times piece are very preliminary and not a lot of information is being disseminated. I am sure that if and when any story breaks the blogosphere will come alive with activity.

This is a heads up to make you think of all the things it could be. I personally think this would have to be something new because the MSM has given Kerry a pass on about everything. In addition, this had better be concrete so there will be no backlash on the republicans because no matter who is responsible for the story if it is bad it will stick to the people on the right.

One other thing of which you can be sure. If everyone on the web is buzzing about a potential story breaking, you can bet Kerry and his people are aware also. They might not know the content but they know there is a buzz. I would imagine that Kerry could probably find out what the content is. After all, there are no secrets in DC. Kerry will spend plenty of time this weekend minimizing any damage expected from the story. Keep your eyes and ears open because this could get interesting.

I also have to think that this must be pretty good to release it 8 days before the election. I would expect any surprises to be released just before the election to keep the affected party from having time to respond. Perhaps with all the early voting that is being allowed they want to reach people before they actually cast their ballots.

Of course, there is the possibility that this is a bunch of hype and it will be anticlimactic. Hell, I would not be surprised if the donks leaked the story info to get it built into a fury so when it comes out it will appear “not that bad.”

I will keep my eyes on the target Sunday to see what comes out and comment then.

Some ideas? If you have any thought about what the story is about, comment here and we will see who is closest to correct.

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