Obviously Not, Babs

Babs Streisand is upset with the latest unauthorized autobiography of he dismal life. She is upset because of the lies in the book. Babs seems to be really upset because there have been so many unauthorized books written about her and it is never right. Babs once said that if God wrote a book about her she would not like it. Here is a bit of information from her blog:

Christopher Anderson has learned that with his recently published biography, “Barbra: The Way She Is.” Streisand has retaliated not with interviews or public statements, but by way of the Internet. On her Web site, she has issued a response she titles “Does the Truth Matter These Days?”

Babs, your whole question is answered in the fact that you mentioned it on your web site. Your web site is usually full of half truths and outright lies. You will say or do any thing to bash conservatives and George Bush in particular. You pimp yourself out on that site for the rest of the moonbats out there. So, no Babs, the truth does not matter when it comes to you.

I really do not care if Babs is upset. I just want to know why anyone in his right mind would waste time writing a book about this yenta.

Source: Breitbart

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