Obamascare, The New Path To Bad Medicine

Anyone who thinks the Food and Drug Administration is in business to protect people is living in a fantasy world. The FDA approves drugs and says whether they can be used and by whom and then when there is a problem the FDA has no responsibility. It points fingers to the drug manufacturer. Of course those who made the drug are culpable but so are those who approved the drug.

The FDA is so concerned about the health of people that it is considering removing the need for a prescription for certain drugs like those to treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This means that patients would not need to see a doctor in order to get those medications. While that might be reasonable for some medications (like 800 mg Ibuprofen) it is not wise for others like blood pressure medication.

These conditions require monitoring by a doctor. The medications often require blood tests and other testing to ensure the medication is therapeutic and not causing damage. It is also important that people do not take the drugs to treat perceived rather than actual maladies.

What if the high blood pressure is caused by another condition?

The FDA is doing this for what reason?

It is considering making some medications over the counter (OTC) to reduce the cost of Medicare which is even more burdened by Obamacare.

The cost and not the health of the patient is the overriding factor in this decision. If people get injured or die as a result of this decision then it is a small price to pay to keep costs under control (which might not be under control for those not on Medicare as insurance companies decide not to pay for OTC medication).

Sounds like a back door death panel to me.

While I think the FDA does stupid things and makes some drugs prescription when they do not need to be I also think the random removal of drugs in order to save money is criminal.

Then again, Obamacare is a criminal law.

If we are going to have an FDA then it needs to make sound decisions that protect the public.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Obamascare, The New Path To Bad Medicine”

  1. Blake says:

    This is death panel by omission- they will just ignore these people, and if they die, oh well—
    All of these people need to be thrown out of every government job they have insinuated themselves into.
    They are governmental STDs, with obamma as the head spirocete.