Obama’s Positions are Rather Queer

The Clintons were the darlings of the gay community when he was running for president because he promised to open the military to gays and to give them about anything they wanted. He quickly found out the military establishment did not like the idea and Clinton eventually forced “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) on the military. He was a gay friendly president but they were disillusioned because he did not go far enough in forcing their agenda on the rest of the country. Of course, now the issue is gay marriage and a small portion of the population, the gay part, wants to impose this on the majority. More than half the country opposes gay marriage but that does not stop the gays and their comrades in Congress from pushing the agenda.

Considering that the Clintons were the gay darlings, it is surprising that the gay community is backing Obama for president. Interesting, that is, until one explores Obama’s position on the gay lifestyle. Barack Obama will impose the will of the gay community on the rest of the country whether the country likes it or not. He claims to want equality but states he will keep is mind opened to those who still need to be convinced. What he is saying is that people who do not agree with the gay lifestyle are on the wrong side of the equation and need to be educated so we will accept it. Fat chance with that one Obamination.

I agree with him that this should be a state issue and that is why I think it should be introduced as a Constitutional Amendment. In that process each state gets to vote to ratify the amendment and that would mean that states have the right to decide. I know there are those who say to push it back to the states and let them handle it and normally I would agree. The only problem with that is the Congress would begin to penalize states that did not quite get convinced. You see, Congress has the power of the purse and they can use that power to coerce states to do the bidding of the government. Look at how they control states with regard to highway speed. Congress wants a certain speed but states may set their own limits so Congress threatens to withhold highway funds if states raise their speed limits. They use this method of extortion for a lot of things.

I can see a day, if Obama is successful, where a state will reject gay marriage and the feds will withhold some sort of funding until the state capitulates. Pretty soon states will fall in line in order to get the money that the federal government has extorted from the occupants of said state.

Obama is also in favor of eliminating DADT and the implication is he will allow gays to openly serve in the military. This was greatly opposed by the military when Clinton tried it and DADT was the compromise. Unless every gay signs a contract indicating that they will all serve if the military is open to gays then Obama better rethink this idea. There will already be people leaving the military if he gets elected and pulls our troops out of Iraq. If he opens it to gays he will need all of them to have any kind of military. Perhaps they can wear pink berets. The military is not a place for social engineering.

Unfortunately, Obama does not understand this. He thinks he does because some members of his family were in the military or worked for the military. Obama made that clear when he attacked a new ad from the Clinton campaign showing that Obama would be weak on national security. The ad shows a family sleeping and the announcers says that the family is safe but it is 3 am and the phone at the White House is ringing. Who do you trust to handle the emergency? Obama says he is best equipped because McCain and Clinton took the same decision that George Bush took and that it was the wrong one. He is entitled to that opinion but it does not mean he is correct. His mindless prattle about opposition is irrelevant because he was not there and did not face the prospect of sending troops to war. Sure, he can say he opposed it, but how do we really know.

In any respect, the article reads:

Obama did not serve in the military, but told his audience that he comes from a military heritage, as does McCain, a Navy pilot and Vietnam War prisoner of war whose father and grandfather were Navy officers.

Said Obama: “My grandfather enlisted after Pearl Harbor and marched in Patton’s Army. My mother was born at Fort Leavenworth, and my grandmother worked on a bomber assembly line.After his service, America stood by my grandfather. He went to college on the GI Bill, and bought his first home with help from the Federal Housing Authority. Then he moved his family west to Hawaii, where I was born. Today, he is buried in the Punchbowl Cemetery, where 776 victims of Pearl Harbor are laid to rest.” CBS

The difference here is that McCain ACTUALLY served in the military. Obama had family that served or worked with the military but Obama did not. Having family in the military gives him about as much experience to be Commander in Chief as Hillary’s eight years as First Lady does. My grandfather was an excellent carpenter but that does not qualify me to be a building inspector.

Obama is weak on the military and he is going out on a limb by pandering to the gay community in order to get its votes. The closer this guy gets to the nomination the farther left he goes. He is basically trying to turn our country into a haven for lewd and criminal behavior where there are no consequences for actions. Here is a guy who claims to be a Christian but he is in favor of murdering unborn children and allowing gay people to tarnish the religious institution of marriage. How much clearer can it get that this guy is out to destroy the American family structure? Of course, right about now I bet Hillary wishes Obama’s mommy had considered abortion…

From what I see, she did. She had a partial birth abortion where they threw away the baby and kept the afterbirth…

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Obama’s Positions are Rather Queer”

  1. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    Military tradition? Yeah, Right.
    Dad: Korea, Quemoy and Vietnam before we were “in” Vietnam. Bronze Star and Purple Heart
    Maternal Frandfather: US Army 1917-1918
    Maternal Uncle: Navy long range patrol aircraft gunner in WW2. Shot down once, Bf-110 night fighter to his credit.
    Paternal Great-Uncles: Patton’s 3rd Army, both retired as FirstSGT.
    Older cousins: One was a Navy diver the other a Marine at a firebase between Danang and the DMZ.
    Younger cousins: 1 Army Officer, 1 Army Crypto, 1 Navy Engineman, 1 Air Force, 2 Navy, one of them a Hospital Corpsman(Retired)
    Stepson: Regular Army 97-01, still in the Reserve as a Staff Sergeant.
    Dear Barack,
    Blow it out your ***

  2. SonnyL says:

    John McCain is becoming a figure of ridicule before our eyes. As gaffe prone as Romney. This whole thing is a joke. A man who is ‘tongue-tied’ and can’t think on the spot. I wonder who that remind me of???

  3. Big Dog says:

    We are a nation of 300 million people and these three are the best we could come up with.

    That is sad indeed.

  4. serr8d says:

    It’s a shame Republicans allowed the MSM to dictate their candidate choice. I mean, John McCain?

    Please. I don’t think there was a worse pick. Because Arlen Specter wasn’t running.

    That said, I’ll have to support McCain, because the alternative is orders of magnitude worse.

    I’m waiting for the NRA’s endorsement. If they can overcome their distaste, then all of us can.

    serr8d’s last blog post..Strange attractions to the Obamaman…case study: Nishi