Obama’s Obsession With Gun Control

Barack Obama is obsessed with controlling the American people. He started his quest for control by ramming Obamacare down our throats. If government controls the health care it gains a lot of control over the people.

This is true about gun control as well. When governments control guns they control people and often that control results in the systematic murder of millions of them.

I don’t think our government wants to murder millions of us (yet anyway) but I am willing to bet that the millions across the globe who died at the hands of their government after being disarmed did not think their governments would murder them.

Do I think our government has the ability? Absolutely. All governments are necessary evils that eventually get too big and too controlling. Our government is too big and too controlling and it wants to grow larger and to gain more control.

The best way to do that is to remove the means of the people to resist and that means disarming them. Obama is not stupid. He knows that there are more people with guns in the woods on the first day of hunting season than there are in all of our armed forces combined. He probably also has a good idea that a large number of people in the military would not fight the people but would instead turn and fight a tyrannical government.

This latest shooting at a college in Oregon is a tragedy and the details are not yet fully known. There are reports that have been sourced to a number of witnesses that the shooter (who I refuse to name so as not to give the bastard any notoriety) asked the religion of the victims and those who answered that they were Christian were shot. There are also reports that the shooter was a Muslim but that has not been verified. If he is then perhaps we should be looking at banning them instead of guns…

As this tragedy unfolded Obama did what he has done during all other tragedies. He went on TV and gave a speech blaming the gun for the murders and then called for more gun control. This time Obama made no bones about the fact he was politicizing the issue and he called for more gun control as he has done in the past. He went so far as to say that he knows the memos are being written saying we need more guns and then he asked if anyone actually believes that.

Let me help you out. Yes Barack, we need more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens (The truth is more guns does mean less crime). I know you think that the number of guns in America is to blame for this and other tragedies and that if there were no (or fewer) guns then this would not have happened. Well guess what Barack? There were NO guns at that college. It was a gun free zone. Even the security guard did not have a gun. The only person with a gun was the murderer who knew he would meet no resistance. He disobeyed the law and murdered people. It is against the law to take a gun to a gun free place and it is against the law to murder people but this jackass did just that.

Tell me Barack, how would any other gun control law have prevented this moron from doing what he did? A total ban on firearms would not have prevented this tragedy. Just ask the good folks in Australia where guns were outlawed and confiscated years ago. That country just suffered a double shooting (one was the shooter) near a police station.

How did that criminal get a gun Barack?

Criminals don’t obey the law. One needs only to look at you and Hillary Clinton to know that. She broke countless laws with her email server and you have broken the law time and again. You bypass Congress, you subvert the Constitution and YOU, yes you illegally sent firearms to drug cartels in Mexico. Laws have not stopped you so why do you think they would stop anyone else?

To get back to if anyone thinks more guns is the answer I will say this. I am willing to bet the victims at the college were not thinking about gun control as they were being shot. I bet many of them were thinking “I wish I had a gun right now.” A veteran of the armed forces and a person who is more of a man than you will ever be rushed the shooter and suffered a number of gunshot wounds so that he could save others (fortunately he survived). Imagine Barack, if he had been carrying a firearm (meaning there would be at least one MORE gun on campus). Surely you don’t think a veteran carrying a firearm is a danger to others now do you? I don’t think ANY law abiding citizen is a threat to others just because he is carrying a firearm. In fact, I feel safer around them.

Yes Barack, more guns would have made every person at that college safer except for the shooter who would have been vastly outnumbered and not long for this world and dare I say with a lot less loss of life.

I know you want to blame the gun so you can push an agenda. But Barack, we will not let that happen. We are on to you and your elitist toadies. We know you want to disarm us so you can control us. I know you all do not hate firearms. You just hate the American citizens HAVING them. You have no issue with your guards having firearms. You have no issue with police officers and your special liberal friends having and carrying them. You just do not want the people to have them because then you can’t control them and that eats at you.

A dentist shoots a lion and those upset by it blamed the dentist, not the gun. Muslims blow stuff up and behead people and you tell us not to judge all of them by the actions of a few (in other words don’t blame all Muslims), and when someone drives drunk we do not blame alcohol or cars we blame the drunk driver.

But when it comes to guns you ALWAYS blame the gun.

Here is a clue for you Barack. A firearm is an inanimate object that has no feelings, it cannot think, it cannot feel, it cannot hate and it cannot do anything wrong. It is merely an inanimate object that requires a person to operate. The person is the one who can have all those qualities the firearm simply cannot have. Blaming the firearm for the murder is like blaming cutlery for obesity, it makes no logical sense. Then again, liberalism is not logical.

Barack, it is time you left the firearms alone and started focusing on the nuts (mostly people who follow your ideology) using firearms to commit these horrific crimes. It is time you realized that more guns in the hands of the law abiding will make us safer as has been demonstrated countless times. No one can argue that more guns in the hands of those students would likely have made a huge difference and people would have been safer. You see, the shooter probably would not have attacked because he would know people might be armed.

Shooters like this guy are cowards who attack the defenseless (much like you and your party and its cowardly attacks on the defenseless unborn) and they look for places where guns are not allowed.

Barack, you have never heard of a mass shooting at a gun show, now have you? No shooter would risk it. I might add that if the guns were the problem as you claim then no one at the the gun show would make it out alive.

Barack, leave our guns alone. I know you have been having a tough time with Putin kicking your ass around like a soccer ball but you really need to turn your attention to something other than gun control because you will never win that battle.

You see Barack, when this nation was under British rule they tried to take our firearms and we declared our independence and then kicked their asses out. You might recognize this on the Fourth of July when we celebrate it.

Well I am here to tell you that if you keep it up you might find out what King George did so very long ago.

And pal, we have plenty of days left on the calendar for another holiday.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Obama’s Obsession With Gun Control”

  1. Blake says:

    Obammy is such a pansy-ass that my daughter’s chihuahua could eat his lunch. The man (and I use that term very loosely) is a moral, and physical coward who might qualify for retro-active abortion- let’s see if he could survive in Chicago, his “hometown”.