Obama’s Newest Logo

Barack Obama has a different logo each week and this week he is unveiling a logo that has the catchy phrase “Buy American, Vote for Barack Obama.” Obama, his people and their union puppets are trying to cast the sainted one as the true patriot with the best interests of Americans at heart. This is all in response to John McCain saying he would rather hear 50,000 Harleys than 200,000 Berliners to which the Obama camp pointed out that McCain voted against a bill that would require the US government to buy American made motorcycles.

As the Obama camp was quick to point out, McCain opposed legislation that would have forced the U.S. government to buy American-made motorcycles.

Let’s dispense with that first. While it is admirable to want to buy American the truth of the matter is that not all American made products are superior to others on the market and often the prices of American products are hugely inflated because of union workers and their contracts. On this issue, I agree with John McCain in that the government should not be forced to buy products simply because they are built here. There is a bidding process and it should be followed. Of course we have seen how that gets messed up when politicians want to dispense political favors (think Air Force refueling tanker).

Now on to the logo. I think it is supposed to be a combination of the Harley logo and the Obama logo but to tell the truth it appears like a flying a$$hole to me which is most appropriate when referring to the sainted one. You can see the logo at Lady J USA. [Thanks for the heads up Lady J]

I wonder how it is a man whose mother did not marry an American (she shopped elsewhere), who has a questionable past with regard to his birth records and who takes illegal donations from non citizens can discuss buying American with a straight face.

I also wonder if all the dope he used as a teen was American grown or imported from other countries.

The majority of Harley owners in this country are not the kind of people who would vote for Obama. His camp knows this and admits it is putting on a show to try and play them on the issue.

“Harley riders aren’t typically supportive of Democratic candidates,” the aide says. “But we’re making a play for them by saying that Obama’s economic policies are the true patriotic ones.” TPM

They are making a play by SAYING that Obama’s policies are the true patriotic ones. Saying something does not make it so. How this translates is; “We are saying that we are patriotic in order to fool these redneck, knuckle dragging bikers into voting for Obama.”

It is insulting to bikers and it questions John McCain’s patriotism. As far as that goes there is no comparison. McCain has a record of patriotism that is unmatched by any Democrat much less Obama. However, was it not Obama who said he would never question another person’s

“I will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign. And I will not stand idly by when I hear others question mine.” MSNBC

I guess we can add this to the growing list of lies and flip-flops the sainted one is compiling.

Anyone who votes for this guy is a moron or more likely, they are what I think his new logo looks like…

Big Dog

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12 Responses to “Obama’s Newest Logo”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:

    “I wonder how it is a man whose mother did not marry an American (she shopped elsewhere)”

    Wow. I’m glad to see that Doggie’s race baiting hasn’t ceased since I went on vacation. How many generations must one go back to find a non-American in your family tree, Dog? Or are yew onea dem injins?

    “I also wonder if all the dope he used as a teen was American grown or imported from other countries.”

    Is this somehow relevant? I thought this kind of stuff was off limits because dubs didn’t want the twins subjected to tales of wild coke and sex fueled frat parties at Yale. Are positions of leadership limited to those who have never used drugs? Please, I’m all ears.


  2. Big Dog says:

    OK Bunny, this is how stupid you are. Pointing out that Obama’s mother shopped around for a non American husband has nothing to do with race. I am getting tired of uneducated morons screaming racism about everything. She could have found a white guy in Europe and the same truth would apply. HE WAS NOT AMERICAN MADE. Race had nothing to do with the statement. If I said she had to go marry a black guy, that would be racist.

    I have corrected you before on this. Are you a slow learner?

    The drug use had nothing to do with who used or did not. The post is about made in America so did he get his dope in America or is he a hypocrite who is, like his campaign says, playing people?

    As for off limits. Nothing is off limits for me whether it is the current president or someone who wants to be. But, once again you show your ignorance. Did I say he could not be president because of drug use? NO I did not. I only asked about the origin. I need to know how deep his commitment to buying American is because I bet half his wardrobe is not made here and I bet a lot of his wife’s attire is not from here.

    Before you come here and run off at the mouth, try reading for comprehension.

    Of course, I welcome you to show me where race had anything to do with it or where I said he could not be president because of drug use.

    Now don’t give me any of the “I feel it was racist” because I don’t care how you feel. I care about facts and the facts clearly show that no racist remark was made.

    One last thing. I am one of them injins. The rest of my family tree all came here LEGALLY and became citizens. Can you say that about Obambi’s absent father? I will say this, he was a trend setter. It is now commonplace for black fathers to abandon their children. Since it is reported that they were not married when Obambi was born, he was well ahead of that trend as well.

    Call that racist if you want but the facts show it to be the case.

  3. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog so racist he don’t even know he racist. At least skinheads and klansmen will admit to it. Not so for the more mainstream (r)epukes. They racist they just won’t tell you bout it.

    I’m so glad that I’m “American made”. I might have to get a bumper sticker that advertises my Americanness. I’ll put it on the back of my pickup. Right next to my NRA decal and Mark Foley for Congress sticker.

    And lastly, I’m no “uneducated moron”. I am educated and well compensated. It’s why I’m always taking vacations to exotic locales while you give other men hernia tests and back rubs. I gotz the skillz to pay the bills. You don’t.


  4. Big Dog says:

    The first thing that we need to dispel is that I am no racist, only being called one by a moron.

    If you need a sticker to show you are American made then get one from Obambi. He is the one making the big deal about it.

    Also, hernia exams are administered by doctors and I am no masseuse. However, I manage to bring in enough money to pay for a stimulus check for others but not for myself. As for exotic vacations, I can go anywhere I want at anytime. I prefer to stay in the US. Though I have traveled around the world, I prefer home.

    What kind of education do you have? You are not even able to tell what racism is and what it is not. you are obviously filled with liberal Kool Aid and not educated enough to understand this basic concept.

  5. Reason says:

    I’m still confused as to why you haven’t banned this fool yet.

    I’m all for an intelligent debate, but Bunny is neither intelligent nor does he debate. He merely spews crap and has no facts or information to back up his position. In fact he’s been behaving like a jackass since he signed up. He’s also ignored repeated warnings by you about name calling and his other behavior. But hey its your site, your call.

    Without the racist card the Liberals and Dems wouldn’t have much of a deck to play with. All of their ideas can pretty much be shown to be terrible with a few facts and some critical thinking. History has shown most of their ideas just don’t work. I mean we’ve spent billions on fighting the war on poverty, yet the impoverished still abound, why is that?

    According to Census estimates for 2002 285,317 people live in poverty, in fiscal year 2000 Federal, State, and Local governments spent 1.01 Trillion dollars on welfare programs. Now it has been shown you can be independently wealthy with just 2 million dollars. You can live well off just the interest alone and never have to work again. If you gave every one of the 285,317 impoverished persons 2 million dollars it would amount to $570,634,000,000 or roughly .57 trillion dollars, half the amount spent in FY 2000 alone.

    So why do we have poverty again?

  6. Big Dog says:

    I don’t generally ban people. Only one has been temporarily banned and two (one was the banned) are moderated. I only moderate because they write inappropriate things that need to be vetted.

    If I keep people like Bunny around it reminds us of what a mental disease liberalism is.

  7. Big Dog says:

    Bunny, let me help you. This is racist:

    ScarJo has won the coveted title of “My Favorite White Girl” from Kanye West.

    See the difference?

  8. Victoria says:

    Big Dog, you have said it over and over again, the Dems are going to call everyone racist who won’t vote for Obama or buy into his way of thinking. That is all Bunny keeps doing. Never mind if it is logical or not. By the way I am “injun” too. My family was here before all the white man but it still doesn’t change the fact that we have millions of people in this country illegally.

  9. hdrko5 says:

    rather a redneck, knuckle dragging biker then an ombama a$$ kisser.

    Wish Rabbit Turd would have stayed on vacation.

  10. Bunny Colvin says:

    You just want me banned cause you can’t hang with me. How the hell am I supposed to listen to you when you couldn’t even recognize the “facts and information” provided in the form of a photograph. You unREASONable are the moron. You proved it when you claimed that Scottie was right and I was wrong in the discussion about Orange County oil rigs. I can’t take you seriously, chump.

    Lastly, I haven’t seen this many Indians since Little Bighorn. Too bad you people will wind up on the w(r)ong side of history when the end of the world. (And this will come very soon, at least according to the Bo’clown.)


  11. Reason says:

    A photograph that looked like a bad photoshop job. Not to mention that a oil rig that doesn’t show in satellite photos (where motorboats do) is kinda suspect. Not I can mention I can say an oil rig is near Point X and be entirely honest and accurate when the oil rig is a mile from Point X or 20 miles from Point X. Also a telephoto lens can make said rig look very close (eg the eyesore angle) when in fact you can barely see it in the distance.

    I’ve shown you to be an idiot numerous times, so I got no worries about “hanging” with you. You’re just rude, childish, and a jackass who can’t even have an honest debate without resorting to demeaning remaks and name calling. You’re like teats on bull, worthless.

    Have a nice day. Also you like your new moniker Wabbit Turd?

  12. Bunny Colvin says:


    Here’s an idea, fool. Ask Duncan over at w(r)onglyso if he can see any rigs- he’s out in OC right now. You and your longlensed conspiracy theory are full of sh!t.


    Call me whatever you want. It don’t botha me nun. You’re the one that whines whenever people offer opposing viewpoints. You da b!tch.