Obama’s Muslim Appeasement Continues

If Barack Obama is not a Muslim (I suspect he is) then he certainly sympathizes with them. He is openly hostile to Christians and Jews and ignores the massacre of them at the hands of Muslim radicals while he coddles and appeases Muslims. It is disgusting to watch Obama bend over backwards to make Muslims happy.

Obama visited a Mosque in Maryland yesterday (tying up traffic and causing disruption) and during his speech in a place that has been under FBI investigation since 2010 he told everyone that Islam has always been a part of America.

This is not the first time Obama has made this kind of claim and that means it is not the first time he has been wrong.

Muslims had little to do with America and the first to contribute anything (though not much) was about 80 years after our founding. Muslims were heavily involved in the slave trade, if that counts.

While Obama makes it sound like Thomas Jefferson had affection for Muslims the truth is he and others were working to stop the Muslim pirates who were attacking our ships. Our early leaders had the Koran so they could study the Muslims and learn how to defeat them. Jefferson showed his love for them when he sent the full force of the Navy to attack the pirates.

I guess we can say the Muslims contributed by showing us why we needed Marines.

Muslims have not always been part of America and their contributions are not something to write home about unless you are a jihadi writing home to brag.

Muslim contributions to the US involve trafficking in slaves, terror attacks, pirating (and this continues today), honor killings, rape, murder, female genital mutilation, and discontent with our way of life.

So while Muslims have not always been a part of America like Obama claims, the time they have been a part of us is one we would have been better off without.

Muslims who come to America legally and to live in peace, welcome to you. Part of that life means to speak out against radicals. If you can’t do that then you are part of the problem.

I don’t know why he went to the Mosque. Perhaps he missed worshipping or perhaps he needed to hear the call to prayer.

Whatever the reason, Maryland could have done without the hassle.

I figure Obama was trying to show solidarity with them because they are, you know, persecuted.

Jews are twice as likely to be persecuted for their religion here in the US as Muslims are (interestingly Muslims feel the same way Hitler did about Jews and who is Obama visiting?).

I await Obama’s visit to a Synagogue.

The Jewish people, now they have always been a part of America.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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