Obama’s Me Too Moment Backfires

…When he could not remember the soldier’s name on his bracelet.

I was convinced that there were no real gaffes in the debate last night. I knew that Obama had agreed with McCain a lot and that that would be in an ad just as I knew that McCain not mentioning the middle class (he mentioned no social classes) would be in an Obama ad.

It looks like there is a defining moment that I had not picked up. I was not watching the screen at the time so I did not see it but it is starting to get traction today. It is well known that John McCain wears the bracelet bearing the name of a soldier killed in Iraq and he tells the story about how it was given by the mother of the dead man and how she asked not to let her son die in vain by losing (The Obama Plan). Obama must have known McCain would say something, or at least his handlers prepared him for the possibility. After McCain told his story Barry said something like, me too, me too, I have a bracelet too and it has the name of uhh, uhh, uhh, it was given to me by the mother of (looks at bracelet to get name) Sgt. Ryan Jopek who said to me not to let other mothers go through this grief. Watch the video:

Obama could not remember the name of the soldier that is engraved on the bracelet he has. I am not saying his story is untrue or that he only wore the bracelet for the debate (though if anyone on the campaign trail could get a picture of him without it…). Before all the liberal twits get their panties in a wad, I don’t think wearing one is some requisite to be president. However, if you are going to wear one you need to wear it all the time and not for political gain and if you are going to reference it you need to know the name on it.

I think the McCain camp or one of the 527s could make a great ad out of this gaffe by Obama. This is worse than a sigh or looking at a watch. He was conveying to America that the mother of a soldier asked him to wear the bracelet with her son’s name and not to let this happen to another mother and that he was so moved by it he wears that bracelet. But he also conveyed that he was not moved enough to remember the guy’s name.

With regard to “me too”, The New Republic points out that Obama agreed with admitting Georgia and the Ukraine to NATO. This is the same position that Sarah Palin had when Charlie Gibson interviewed her and the answer that caused him to have seizures at the idea we might have to assist Georgia, were it in NATO, if the Russians attacked it. It is the position all the Palin bashers say was the wrong one but nary a word when Obambi said it.

At least he did not have to look at a bracelet to get the name of the country…

In a related story, a study shows liberals tend to be cowardly and conservatives do not. Might explain why there are so many conservatives in the military and why liberals refuse to confront our enemies.

Covertress | Jules Crittenden

UPDATE: NewsBusters reports that the family of SGT Jopek asked Obama not to wear his bracelet earlier in the year. Seems that mom gave it to him as a personal thing and she is upset Obama is using it for political stunts.

Big Dog

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9 Responses to “Obama’s Me Too Moment Backfires”

  1. ice9 says:

    Obama was presidential. McCain sounded like an angry old man. You see things. Obama clearly knows who is on his bracelet.

    Here’s a question for you: will you support President Obama? I will support President McCain. I dare you, [redacted]. Go on the record, and we’ll see who is a patriot, a thinker, an American.



  2. Big Dog says:

    OK Ice, let’s get something straight. You don’t come to my place calling me names or questioning patriotism.

    I lived through Presidents Carter and Clinton. I will live if Obama makes it but I will not support anyone who tries to push socialism or tax increases on us. I will not support anyone who tries to take my guns away. I will tolerate the person as president but I don’t have to support the policies to be a patriot.

    Do you support George W Bush.

    And Obama did not look presidential. He looked like a kid taking oral exams.

  3. David Kirk says:

    It was actually embarrassing. I felt sorry for the soldier’s mother when she realized that by not remembering his name, Obama was just using him as a tool.

  4. Misfit410 says:

    Ice, Obama has never appeared “Presidential”.
    We have a rare moment here in election history where we actually have two people who have powerful nation shaping roles already as Senators. This means we have a very good resume for both of them. It takes only as much as to look up what they have accomplished in their terms to get a good idea of their character, work ethic and ideas.

    If Obama has these great reforming ideas that were going to fix it all and make it all better.. then tell me why he has never authored a single bill trying to do so? his party has the majority they could stampede all over Bush and fix all of his “Mistakes”.. But Obama could not be bothered to pass more than a few votes that were anything but
    “present”.. or “I showed up but I don’t really care to make any decisions”.

    This man still has the nerve to keep finger pointing at Republicans over Fannie Mae? well history lesson for you
    http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9C0DE7DB153EF933A0575AC0A96F958260 what caused it (News Article from 1999)
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_A._Johnson_(businessman) who’s hands are the dirtiest? Wow, looks bad for Obama if people actually knew that huh? oh don’t worry the media will focus on Palin, Obama gets away with anything.

  5. Alec Guinness says:

    Hey, hey, be forgiving. What else could Obamuh do with no teleprompter around? They’ll import a mini-teleprompter from Japan for the next debate, he can wear it in place of the bracelet (to which he no doubt refers as “that useless prop that some weirdo gave me” in private)

  6. Political Eye says:

    Its funny to see the radical republicons so passionately support McCain. He used to be an outcast of the party. I am glad you guys made up.
    However I have to say his running mate looked good in the swimsuit –

  7. Political Eye says:

    McCain did well in the debate. But he was grumpy, maybe because his childish tactic of trying to postpone the debate did not work. He also was afraid to look at Obama in the eye. His smirks were also illtimed. Also saying “horse shit” on a nationally televised debate is not very “presidential” don’t you think??

  8. Big Dog says:

    Let’s be real. Do you think that a guy who spent 5 years in a POW camp is afraid of a community organizer? The fact is, they were looking at a camera, not each other.

    McCain was not grumpy, just a perception on your part. Stunt? He did not pull a stunt to get the debate canceled. Think before you write. Obama has refused 10 debates so it is not like McCain is worried about a debate. Smirks? Where do you people come from.

    As to what you think he said, never happened. He said, of course not.

    No big deal. Would not be the first time the Obama bots lied.

  9. Big Dog says:

    What makes you think that because we did not want McCain as first choice we would reject him over a Communist? Obama is anti American and a Communist, McCain is a true hero.

    I might not like all of McCain’s political views but I at least agree with some of them. I don’t agree with any of Obama’s.

    But, using your logic, is it safe to say all Hillary supporters should vote McCain because they did not like Obambi in the primary?