Obama’s Failure In Iraq

Obama ran as a guy who opposed action in Iraq and he vowed to remove our troops from that country as soon as he could. Once he decided to leave he announced it to the world and he did not entertain ideas about leaving security forces to ensure the peace.

The man who has never run anything and who has no military experience was warned that announcing a departure date was stupid because the enemy would know when the chance of running into American forces would end. It had the end date.

The bad guys also knew that if none of our forces remained then they would be able to regroup and attack.

That has now all happened. Iraqis in many parts of the country are being attacked and murdered by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (Isis). That group is taking cities at a fast pace and leaving murder and mayhem in its path. The decapitated heads of policemen and soldiers line the streets of Mosul as the carnage continues.

Sharia Law is being imposed and anyone who refuses or breaks the law will be murdered.

This is what Barack Obama has given the people of Iraq and it is because of his ego. He thinks the world loves us because he is in charge. He thinks all he has to do is make nice and others will do the same. The enemy knows that America does not have the stomach to recommit troops to Iraq after many years of war and it is taking advantage of our (Obama’s) weakness.

Members of Congress who fought in Iraq are wondering aloud what the point of their (indicating our armed forces) effort was if Obama was just going to allow it to disintegrate into chaos.

Joe Biden once said that Iraq was one of Obama’s great achievements. Well how great is the achievement now that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are being displaced and untold numbers are being murdered?

I don’t know what can be done for Iraq short of sending military assistance (drones and air power) but it is a good bet that we will not be sending ground troops. I am not advocating that but I know even if it were one hundred percent right to do so Obama would not. That would be admitting that his policies and what he did all resulted in failure and Obama does not admit his mistakes.

I am curious how many Democrats will be screaming that we need to do something to help those folks after spending years screaming about our involvement there and saying we needed to get out. How long before they blame George W Bush for the chaos? [UPDATE: That did not take long]

During the last presidential election debates Mitt Romney said it would be a mistake to remove all our troops from Iraq.

How many more times do his past utterances, ones ridiculed by liberals, have to come to fruition before people who worship Obama realize Romney was right and Obama was wrong?

How long before people begin to realize he does not know what he is doing?

How long before they realize the Emperor has no clothes?

How many people in Iraq will be murdered because Obama is a weak inept leader with no real experience?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “Obama’s Failure In Iraq”

  1. john says:

    Bush was the one who signed the SOFA with Iraq If Bush did not promise to remove our military they would have been subject to prosecution by Iraq law
    If you want to help the Iraqis get your butt over there

    • Big Dog says:

      You are talking to the wrong guy John. Learn before you type. My profile is listed here. Am well aware of the SOFA and what it involved. The reality is Obama campaigned on these folks being out and that it was the wrong war. He emboldened the bad guys because he is weak. I doubt they would have been so eager to attack if Bush were in office because they knew he would attack them. Obama was humiliated by Putin and has sent strong signals about his desire to have a weaker US. If he fights back now it will be to save face but the damage is done.

      As for Iraq, I did not say we should go in or help them. My post only pointed out how this reflects badly on Obama. As far as I am concerned the parties in the Middle East can all annihilate each other. Just as long as Obama does not invite the refugees to come here and we don’t spend money helping them rebuild. I would however, like to see drones take out the bad guys just to rid the earth of their existence.

  2. john says:

    Even Glenn Beck now agrees that we should never had gone into Iraq
    Since you do have a lot of experience head on over there and do what you think should be done. If you don’t think Obama will than just do it yourself
    Hate liberals? well I guess that must include the 70^ of Ameican jews that consistently vote liberal

    • Big Dog says:

      Whether we should have gone or not is not an issue (hindsight being 20/20) since you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube it really does not matter what we should have done. It matters what we did since. I hate liberalism and liberals in general regardless of what their specific demographic is. So no, I don’t hate Jews, I hate liberals and I don’t hate blacks, I hate liberals, but if it makes you feel better, that includes white ones as well. I am a big supporter of Israel unlike Obama and most American liberals.

      I am baffled by the Jews (and blacks) who vote overwhelmingly for the very people who work against them.

      I certainly have more experience than Obama in anything that deals with leadership. I am sure he is a better community rabble rouser but that is about all. And of course you know that citizens can’t just go do things therself when it comes to government. But then again, maybe you don’t. You seem to have trouble grasping certain concepts and you like to use strawmen. I suggest you would be better aligned with the Koskids and their kool aid drinking party.