Obama’s Failed Public Equity

Barack Obama and his minions have been attacking Mitt Romney for his time at Bain Capital and his record in the private equity market. It is true that some of the companies that Bain was involved in eventually failed and that is what the Obama regime is harping on. The regime neglects the reality that those companies that did fail would have done so much sooner without Bain intervention.

The regime also overlooks (or more accurately deliberately ignores) the successes that Bain was involved in and the number of jobs that Bain created or saved. And yes, in this instance the jobs were saved because those companies did not go under. In fact, Bain saved a number of companies including Staples, Sport’s Authority and Domino’s Pizza. In saving those companies a lot of jobs were also saved.

Marc A. Thiessen of the Washington Post wrote an article on 24 May of this year discussing the idea of Bain’s success and Obama attacking the company. Thiessen says that if Romney’s record at Bain, a private equity firm, is up for debate then Obama is open to scrutiny of his record in the public equity market.

He then goes on to discuss a few examples of Obama’s public equity failures. These are companies in which Obama has invested millions of taxpayer dollars to keep them afloat only to see them fail. Yes, Obama was the public sector Bain in trying to save distressed entities only Obama failed at it and it cost the taxpayers.

When Romney was doing his private equity thing he was risking his own money. Obama is risking AND LOSING our money.

Go to this article and read the list of companies that Obama has invested your money in and how much of it he lost.

It takes guts to invest your own money knowing you could lose it. It takes no guts at all to risk money that is not yours, just like Obama did.

Obama is a typical liberal who has lots of fun with other people’s money.

The problem is when Obama is done we will be stuck with the bill.

I suffered no loss when a small portion of the companies Bain invested in failed but all taxpayers will feel the pain of the Obama failures.

This is something that the Romney campaign can use to hammer Obama. Even though this is the case it will not stop Obama from claiming that Mitt Romney is responsible for the cancer death of the wife of a worker who lost a job at a company in which Bain was involved. According to the left Romney’s actions resulted in the death of this woman.

Be careful liberals. Obama is lax on immigration allowing illegals to roam without consequence.

Perhaps we need an ad demonstrating that Obama is responsible for the rape of this child.

Obama has a failed record of using OUR money to bail out companies. Mitt Romney has a successful record of bailing out companies with HIS OWN money.

Which person has a better understanding of business and which one is better equipped to push our economy to recovery?

I think you know that answer.

It is November or never.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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