Obama’s Economic Team

Burning Money

Barack Obama has been filling positions for his new Hopey-Change administration but The One, who promised no more old politics, has assembled a team of people who are retreads from the mediocre Clinton years.

Today The Sainted One named his economic team, the ones who will get us out of the financial mess we are in. Keeping in tune with his Clinton Redux Theme, many of the people Obama named served, at one time or another, under Clinton. I am still waiting for the change. Seems to me that if The One fills his administration with retreads then he has not changed very much.

I think the Obama time in office will be a disaster. He will not be able to solve the financial problems and he has pledged to spend trillions of dollars which will do exactly what he criticized Bush for, increase the deficit. But if we are lucky we can all sit in a corner and chant HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, and see where that gets us.

There will be record inflation, high prices, and instability in the markets for some time to come and it will be on Obama’s head. He will have a misery index that makes the Carter years look like good times.

Yes, Obama’s tenure will be a cross between Clinton Redux and Welcome Back Carter…

Ace has the appropriate picture for The One.

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Economic Team”

  1. joe gelb says:

    well the common thread is that the rich always win over the poor i wish obama would care about the hungry folk instead of the companies

  2. Duvel says:

    I wish loosers like J.G. would go to school and learn that it isn’t the governmen’s job to steal from the companies and give to the non-workers.
    The common thread is the rich SHOULD win over the poor.
    There are winners and loosers (you, J.G. are of the later type)and the myth of “level feild” is just that. Social government policies don’t spread wealth, they destroy it. Read history, then come back here and tell us the cases you have found to prove you thread-bare point.
    Companies, when not burdened by heavy social costs, provide jobs.
    How about the Auto Industry?
    Heavy social costs, in this case, unions and pensions and retirement, insurance premiums, taxes etc have combined to make out Auto Industry a world-wide joke!

    I say let the companies make huge obscene profits, and keep them! Then at least there will be some rich people top contribute to carity. Maybe Joe can get a job waxing their cars?