Obama’s Crude Oil Plan

Nancy Pelosi has called the Republican plan to drill America’s oil resources a hoax. Pelosi and many of her Democratic partners have been opposed to America drilling for its own oil for quite some time and it matters not to them that the money we pay for oil goes to people who do not like us very much. Truthfully though, it did not matter to most when the price of oil was low.

Now that it is high and people are feeling the pinch, Republicans and many Blue Dog Democrats want to drill our own resources. The problem is that Nancy Pelosi will not allow the issue to come up for a vote. Pelosi claimed that the Democrats would work for Americans to find solutions. They were not going to obstruct like the other party. The Democrats obstructed when they were the minority and now that they are in control they, under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid, have done everything to ensure that items they do not like never see the light of day.

Republicans staged a coup yesterday by staying and debating the drilling issue long after the Speaker had banged the gavel of adjournment. That gavel signaled the beginning of a 5 week, taxpayer paid, vacation. Yep, Congress will be in recess for the entire month of August. This, of course, is in addition to the week long holidays they take all year and the end of work as the election approaches. Can anyone explain why we pay them so much for so little? They never work.

Anyway, Pelosi had the lights turned off, the cameras turned off and the microphones shut down but that did not keep the Republicans from continuing to debate the issue while the Democrats left ensuring at least 5 more weeks will pass before this issue is addressed again. The issue now becomes, did Barry Obama add Pelosi’s name to the never ending stream of people who are ending up under his bus?

Barack Obama, who was once very opposed to drilling our own oil so much so that he chided John McCain for changing his position of the subject, has now changed positions on the subject. Yes, in June Obama stated that McCain had changed his position because of political expediency and that drilling would produce no oil for 10 years. Yesterday, the sainted one, stated that he would be open to drilling our own oil. He stated that he would make the compromise in order to have a path to alternative energies as long as we did it safely. In other words, he is now taking the very same position that McCain took only when McCain took it, it was a political move and when Obama takes it, it is compromise.

How will Nancy Pelosi look at Obama’s words? Will she say that his plan to drill is a hoax? Will others who called McCain a flip flopper and only changing for political reasons now call Barry a flip flopper who changed for political reasons? The absolute truth is that Obama DID change for political reasons. If he really felt compromise was in order he would have jumped on board when McCain did (and if he were the leader he wants you to believe he is, he would have been the first to propose it). The only reason Obama is jumping in now is because his poll numbers are flat (and Democrats are nervous) and he is tied with McCain. He realizes that people from all political backgrounds want to drill and he is pandering to them in order to get votes.

The important thing to remember is that John McCain was first on this issue just as he was on the surge. McCain was right about the surge while Obama was saying it would not work. To this day Obama will not admit he was wrong. Now McCain was first out of the gate on drilling for our oil and Obama criticized the position and, like his position on the surge, said it would not work. He stuck with the hard left and their desire to have $10.00 a gallon gas. Obama was Barry come lately. In other words, McCain demonstrated leadership and Obama demonstrated a lack of it. He followed the leader on this one. Don Surber notes that this position changed in just one day:

The Empty Suit on drilling on Thursday, as blogged by the New York Times:

“It won’t lower prices today. It won’t lower prices during the next Administration. While this won’t save you at the pump, it sure has done a lot to help Senator McCain raise campaign dollars.”

The Empty Suit on Friday, from the NYT:

“If, in order to get that passed, we have to compromise in terms of a careful, well thought-out drilling strategy that was carefully circumscribed to avoid significant environmental damage — I don’t want to be so rigid that we can’t get something done.”

Now who is trying to raise campaign dollars?

Here is where the fun will begin. Obama has made it clear that he disagreed with McCain on this issue in the past and had unflattering things to say about him because of it. All the liberal media and the toadies who bow down to the greatness of Obama have been claiming that drilling our own oil will not work and that McCain is out of touch and it won’t help in the short term and any number of other reasons it was a bad idea. What will they say now that the sainted one in OK with drilling? Will they now say it is a brilliant idea? This is the way they play the game. Idiots like Keith Olberman decry George Bush as a criminal for supporting a bill that gives cell phone companies immunity but when Obama votes for it, he demonstrated courage. That is how this will be viewed. Obama will be hailed as a genius who is ahead of his time. Unfortunately, he was way late to the party on this one.

Pay attention over the next few weeks and see how the tone of the debate changes in the liberal media now that the sainted one agrees with drilling. Watch and see how many people change their positions as well. What will really be interesting is seeing how Pelosi reacts to this. It was a hoax when Republicans were pushing it. How will she view it from the Messiah?

Keep in mind that no matter what happens drilling was the plan from Republicans while Democrats refused debate on the issue. Now watch and see who tries to take credit if they change position.

Obama is pandering for votes. He already said he was happy with high gas prices but just wished they had risen more slowly. The Democrats have already stated they would be fine with $10.00 a gallon gas and Obama was totally opposed to this plan until his poll numbers fell flat. However, in two months Obama will be saying he has been consistent in his position on this and has always espoused it.

We do not need these people running the country.

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Crude Oil Plan”

  1. Joe reinhart says:

    The drill or not drill issue isn’t the only issue that is being held in captivity by anti-development activists.

    Anti-development activists, aside from not shaving their arm-pits, hold many projects from actuality. From mines to hydro to nuclear to oil refining, You name it, they are against it.
    Aside from wind-powered farm tractors, they oppose everything.

    No one is for unrequited remorseless development. I’m not. You aren’t. But we have to do something.
    Well, something other than fart and run from (or for!) congress that is.

    But Alaska (with serious leadership from the now indicted Sen. Ted Stevens) has a 30 year proven track-record of responsible development of oil, gas, minerals and natural resources.

    OK, you who are bout to open your nasty yaps about Exxon Valdez spill, take a walk on the beaches, check the sea otter populations and the salmon returns and then come back to The Master and give an honest report.

    OK, I realize that last request is too much, as an honest report will show you can’t support your damage claims, and without it, you have no case. So forget that point. Do as usual, lie and crawl like snakes.
    It isn’t the oilmen that we have to fear but enviromental laws made by public-induced ignorance at the hands of environazis in control of the media.

    The fact is, it doesn’t take ten years to bring oil from the ground to the dinning table! It takes nine years and 8 months to fill the forms and leap through the flaming anal-retentive rings of the environmental Nazis.
    It takes four months to drill, pump and refine the oil. Less if the oil is in your back yard.

    The plans are in place. The safety measure established and proven. The test wells are drilled. If the leash is cut, those Texan, Alaskan and Californian (yes, even them!) oil men will show what they can do. The fact is, this oil crisis CAN be drilled out of.

    It is the blizzard of environmentally retarded paper-work that can’t be drilled through. Obstructionist mentality is alive and well, and it lives in the hearts of liberals around not just USA but the world!
    The American media is so successful, it has convinced most of the free word that development equals bad, and eating twigs and grubs while waiting for the Prius to recharge by the wind-mill equals good.

    But a windmill doesn’t make enough energy to make a windmill.

    And while oil cost $5 a barrel to procure from overseas, drilling in USA at $5 for the production cost and $130 to fight the enviro-nazis made American production cost-prohibitive.

    But legislation can eliminate the environazi from the equation and viola (base viola, for those who like big noises!) we have our own oil supplies.

    And may we have the wisdom to convert to Nuclear, wind and hydro while we are enjoying the oily milkshake’s last bubble-suck-age! Because we can all see that conversion to corn-oil isn’t the answer!
    Me? I am for nuclear. I can’t wait for the day when I can buy a nuclear chain saw. A nuclear Harley! A nuclear wrist-watch.

    I can see it now “Ride American with Pride! The Nuclear Knucklehead retro Hard-tail Harley-Davidson!”
    Yeah, one little neutron pellet and no refills for the next 14 years!
    Yep, like a pack of hounds on the three-legged cat…I am on it!

    So BD is 100% on the money on this;
    It matter a whole heck of a lot who we elect to sit in the white house this year.

  2. Otto VonAuchvetter says:

    The positve side, Pelosi and Reid will ruin Obama’s chance of becoming president with their sleaziness.