Obama’s Contradictory Message To Students

Today Barack Obama gave a speech that was sent to many schools across the nation. Certainly other presidents have spoken and had the speech watched in schools as when George H W Bush spoke at a school and it was carried by the MSM which allowed schools to watch it on broadcast TV. Obama directed his speech to all schools. There is a difference in methodology and intent. As an aside, Democrats launched investigations when H W Bush gave his speech. Now the uproar by parents is described as an Animal House food fight.

The message delivered by Obama was pretty benign though it did have a subtle political subtext. There were items that were disturbing but for the most part it was a rah rah speech. It disturbs me that Obama wants people to do well in school so they will benefit the nation because it smacks of statism. You do well for yourself as an individual and to become a productive member of society. He could have left out all the hot topics but he mixed them in in such a way that they appeared benign though it is not unlikely he was working to make millions of little community organizers..

The real issue is that Obama implored children to do something he does not believe in. Obama told them that the responsibility for success is ultimately on them and that they need to work hard to achieve. He told them that they needed to do well and be responsible for themselves so that they can achieve.

Obama does not believe in personal responsibility and his whole adult life involves having the government take care of people. He does not tell people to be responsible for their own health care management and to cut the luxuries out of their lives or to pay their medical bills over time. He does not tell auto companies (or any other company) that they need to be responsible or suffer failure. No, he bails them out. He uses taxpayer money to assist them instead of letting them fail should they be unable to compete. In everyday life Obama feels that you are not responsible for your actions and that government must be there to ensure that things are fair and the playing field is level.

Perhaps Obama should reflect upon what he told the students and start expecting that same behavior from the people in this country who want a free ride on the people who produce. Maybe instead of working to ensure all people are covered at the expense of those who pay taxes, Obama could require people to be responsible for their own lots in life. Maybe Obama could implore the members of Congress to start taking responsibility for their jobs and stop trying to become the big nanny state where government provides for everyone at the expense of the achievers.

How much different would things have been if candidate Obama had told people that they needed to be responsible for their lives and that ultimately it fell on them? Instead, he spoke about how he would lower the oceans and how people would pay less for their houses and gas. Peggy the moocher summed up the feelings of many when she said that Obama will make sure her house payments and gas are paid for. Too many people expect the government to be there to hand them everything they need.

Where is the speech telling them to be responsible? Where is the speech telling people that if they signed contracts to buy houses they could not afford they deserved to lose them? Where was the speech telling people that if they made bad investments they deserved to lose their money? Where was the speech telling GM that if it could not run a profitable business then it deserved to go belly up? Where was the speech telling bank and Wall Street executives that if they ran their companies into the ground with risky schemes then they deserved to go under? These things would have demonstrated a belief in responsibility.

Since Obama has never been responsible for much of anything it is easy to see why he does not expect other adults to be. Government will be there to do it for you because the Community Organizer in Chief will make it so.

The speech to the school children was nothing like those he gives to the American public and was contrary to his actual beliefs.

If Obama actually lived by what he told the children (and held Congress to the same standard) then we would not be in nearly as much trouble.

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “Obama’s Contradictory Message To Students”

  1. Randy says:

    I read a comment in another thread that Adam posted earlier. I think he is correct that your actual issue is that his message didn’t match the imaginary boogeyman that has been created. Barack Obama has always, even since his days as a community organizer, encouraged people to take responsibility for themselves. It’s a fundamental part of his philosophy.

    “What if a politician were to see his job as that of an organizer, as part teacher and part advocate, one who does not sell voters short but who educates them about the real choices before them? As an elected public official, for instance, I could bring church and community leaders together easier than I could as a community organizer or lawyer. We would come together to form concrete economic development strategies, take advantage of existing laws and structures, and create bridges and bonds within all sectors of the community. We must form grass-root structures that would hold me and other elected officials more accountable for their actions.” -Barack Obama, on his decision to run for Illinois Senate in 1995

    • Blake says:

      The trouble, Randy, is that the man’s words do not match his actions, and that generally means he is a liar at some point on that timeline.
      He believes that it is the evil corporations, specifically the White ones, that have engaged in a conspiracy to deny Black people homes, when in truth, it has been the Black people themselves that have held themselves back in most cases, like they are waiting for a savior.
      They remind me at times of someone waiting on an inheritance, rather than working to advance their lives.
      He is real great with words, not so much on actions.
      As we would say in Texas, “That man is all hat, and no cattle.” That means he talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Any boogeyman created has been the result of the way he has acted.

    It is one thing to say what he says but Thomas Sowell has abetter idea, watch what he does. He can say that people should be responsible but then takes away the consequences that would make them responsible.

    As for the quote, this does not advocate responsibility. Here he discusses the community as what it can do for you much like Hillary’s village. Sure, he says that people can hold him accountable but that is different than actually taking responsibility.

    And keep in mind, he has failed to live up to any of this.

    I also disagree with his assessment of what he thinks his job is.

  3. Randy says:

    The “czar” card being played in the article to which you linked puts it in the “I am filled with so much hate I can’t be rational” pile for me. What Obama was saying, rather eloquently, was people should take responsibility by holding politicians accountable. He then put a big target on himself and challenged his soon to be constituents to hold him accountable. He was saying, “look: you have a say in this”. His constituents liked the results of this that they would eventually elect him to national office and then help him get elected POTUS. I do agree that there are elements of the “village” Hillary wrote about in Obama’s rhetoric, but I don’t think that is a bad thing at all. After all, it does take a community to create an atmosphere where folks have the opportunity to work hard and do well for themselves.

    And no, the boogeyman was created by people that recognize that many people can be easily scared by BS. This is where death panel rumors, fear mongering about czars, and birth certificate crap is born.

    • Blake says:

      I do not see how the Czar card can say ANYTHING other than the Resident is being intentionally deceptive, and his guys cannot stand up to a good Senate vetting- much like Van Jones, there are too many things in their past that cannot stand scrutiny.
      Witness Holdren’s quotes about forced sterilization, and putting sterilants into the drinking water, or Cass Sunstein saying that animals have a right to sue, or Mark Lloyd favoring conservative talk radio having to pay 100% of their gross in order to get a broadcasting license, which monies he then gives a liberal, minority station to operate- that is his idea of “leveling” the playing field- and you are alright with these ideas?
      We have been trying to hold him accountable, but this “transparent” Resident is anything but.
      He uses the pretext of “an emergency” to rush through everything- oh, there’s NO time to read it, gotta pass it now!

    • Big Dog says:

      I find it interesting that you would not want to uphold the Constitution. It is only “crap” if it can be proven wrong. So far there has been a failure on the part of Obama to demonstrate that people are wrong about his qualification to be president. McCain had to demonstrate it and his history is clearer than Obama’s. Why spend so much money to hide the information. People have a right to know. All I want is for him to show the damned thing. If it demonstrates he was born in Hawaii then fine. If not, there will be a lot of explaining to do. We will be detroyed from within.

      It does not take a village. It takes families instilling values and social mores into their children so they become productive members of society. People form their own groups or tribes and they do well with a common goal but the “village” is not responsible for your children, you are.

      If this administration was about responsibility then he would accept it when things are wrong. He has lied continuously and any time he is questioned we are called racists. He told people to hold him (and other politicians) accountable and then his associations were mad eknown and he shrugged those responsibilities. He used underhanded tactics to remove his opponents from the Senate race and he has kept his school records under lock and key.

      How responsible is this?

  4. Ron Russell says:

    A man who has spent his entire life in politics is a questionable character. Obama knows nothing else and will never know anything else. There are far to many blank pages in this man’s record—something is missing and its disturbing to many people who want to know about their president. The mystery of his early college days, the missing master’s thesis—what did he say, why is it so important to him to keep something he should be proud of a secret. An an American I need some answers and like many I will continue to ask questions despite critizism from those who think the sun rises and sets on this man. There is a missing link here, a vital piece of the puzzle.

    Found your site via Mr Pink Eyes at americas watchtower. I visit there almost everyday. Come see me at TOTUS sometime. Your post are detailed and well written.

  5. Norris Hall says:

    The furor over the Presidents attempts to indoctrinate students with socialists propoganda boiled over today after the President’s speech was aired.
    In Sacramento , conservatives , outraged by the speech, set fire to a Public Light Rail railcar yelling “Death to public transportation!”
    In Ft. Wayne, Indiana, young Republican teepeed a public park. “Socialism is wrong”, said one young person as he went at the drinking fountain with a hammer.
    In Dallas, Texas, angry patrons burnt books at the public library and spray painted the words “public libraries are evil”
    Police and firefighters In Boise, Idaho, were pelted with eggs by an enraged mob who worried that public servants were putting private guards and “for profit” firemen at a disadvantage.
    And at Cape Canaveral Florida, unhappy residents picketed a NASA office with signs saying
    “Get government out of Space” and “bring back our flag from the moon”