Obama’s Catch And Release Is Deadly

It is no secret that Obama panders to the illegal community. He has enacted his version of the DREAM Act via Executive Order, he has ignored their presence in the country and he has sued a sovereign state to keep that state from enacting and enforcing immigration laws that are EXACTLY LIKE THE FEDERAL LAWS.

Obama does not look at illegals as being here in violation of the law. He looks at them as Democrat voters. They are no problem to him and his party because they are viewed as people who deserve a chance and, well, if they happen to vote Democrat that is all the better.


Obama has no issue with illegals being here because he can feel a kinship with them in that none of them have their papers.

Obama tells us not to worry and that these folks are no problem. According to a report from the House Judiciary Committee:

Those who could have been deported but were released later went on to commit the 19 murders, 3 attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, the Judiciary Committee said

Those crimes could have been prevented (like the murder of our Border Patrol Agent and hundreds of Mexicans by Fast and Furious could have been prevented) but Obama chose to ignore the law. Democrats are perfectly happy with the catch and release program and keeping illegals here. In fact, they are upset at programs that would deport those here illegally:

Many Democrats say it [Secure Communities program] casts its net too wide, which means illegal immigrants who have committed relatively minor offenses could be deported.

If they are here illegally then they committed a crime that is not relatively minor and they should be deported.

While Americans are subject to violent crimes committed by people Obama allows to stay here illegally he is protected from the violence by a large number of armed guards.

Typical liberal.

Washington Times
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