Obama’s Bill Slaps Black Americans Back To The Mat

The bill that Barack Obama signed into law today will cost future generations money they can ill afford. It is a crime that our grandchildren will be saddled with this kind of debt because of the mismanagement of our government. Lest any liberal give that phony cry about George Bush piling up debt while we remained silent, true conservatives have been against the spending that occurred in the last 8 years. I have been against the out of control spending on social programs and I think the money for the war on terror could have been better managed. However, there were way too many non military spending bills that should never have passed.

Those include the bank bailout and the earlier stimulus checks.

Obama railed against deficit spending and demonized Bush for it. Now, with the stroke of a pen, he has spent the largest amount of money ever spent in one bill in our nation’s history. The unfortunate thing is that it will not work and now that he has what he wants for Democratic special projects, he is scaling back expectations. Hell, some of them admit they don’t know if it will work and they voted for it with their fingers crossed.

Couple that last tid bit with the fact that NOT ONE of them read the thing and you have a classic demonstration of failed leadership. Never mind the fact that Obama and the Democrats broke a number of promises with the way this was handled. That is no surprise to those of us who did not drink the Kool Aid. The reality is, they failed to lead. They voted for a bill that they did not read. The action was irresponsible and clearly demonstrates that these people are not leaders.

The nation could not help but pause when Obama was inaugurated. It was a historic moment for this country to see a black man elected to the highest office. It was hailed as a new era for race relations. It was seen as a sign that blacks have the chance to succeed and it was seen as a step up. Unfortunately, Obama signed a bill that will trap many blacks in generational poverty.

Obama’s cruelest slap was on the face of black Americans. Buried in the bowels of that big government spending bill is a poison pill that kills welfare reform. Welfare money will no longer be used for job training, child care or transportation. Instead, the money will now, once again, be just a government handout that keeps black children trapped in generational poverty. Uncle Sam has replaced the father in the homes of poor blacks because you cannot get a welfare check if there is a man in the house. Democrats have been running black communities for the past 40 years. The socialist polices of the Democrats have created a culture of dependency on government handouts and turned black communities into economic and social wastelands. Socialism is a moral and economic cancer that destroys families, communities and nations.

Many of the liberals who visit here will take issue with this quote and will, as is their habit, throw the word racist around. While I happen to agree with the statement I did not write it. The statement is part of a larger item released by the National Black Republican Association (of which I happen to be a member). The quote was in an email sent by Frances Rice, the Chairman of the NBRA who happens to be black which, I think, qualifies her to speak a bit on the subject. But keep that in mind while you formulate your invective comments.

Welfare reform was one of the really good things that came out of bipartisan work between Republicans in Congress and Democrat Bill Clinton. It helped stop an upward trend in single parent (usually mother) black families and it put people back to work. This is not to indicate that blacks are the only people on welfare but the black community suffers from a disproportionately high number of single parent homes. This is one of the biggest reasons for failures in the black community. Regardless of what the feminists say, a child needs a mother and a father in order to have the best chance for success.

Chairman Rice is absolutely correct in her assessment. It should not surprise anyone that the Democrats are once again suppressing blacks. Their party’s history is replete with racism and discrimination against blacks.

However, one would have thought that having a black president would have changed things. For all the talk of change, things seem to be the same.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Obama’s Bill Slaps Black Americans Back To The Mat”

  1. Andy says:

    How could anyone read that 1100 page document in only 2 days? But hey, this is change and change is good right? It’s not our future generation’s debt that I am concerned about. It’s business, small and large, that are closing up shop today. This is immediate damage that is almost non-reversible.

    Where’s the help for small to medium sized businesses, the lifeblood of our economy. Expansion of welfare benefits, unemployment benefits, and school lunch programs doesn’t create jobs, it simply increases the government dole.

    What people don’t understand is that when you have SO many people on government aid you can control them. If your paycheck comes in the form of a welfare check, you will do exactly what the government tells you to do. You loose your freedom of choice and the ability to be a productive member of society. Ultimately, you end up with millions of people that no longer have control over their own lives and they will vote to continue the meager existence that they are currently living in. Why? Because they have lost the ability to care for themselves.

    There’s my 2 cents. And that’s probably all my opinion is really worth. Thoughts?

  2. Randy says:

    So where is this ‘poison pill’. It’s buried deep in the stimulus bill? Where? I don’t see a link. I’m not saying it’s not there, but I don’t take people on their word when it comes to folks playing to emotions on political issues. It would also help if you explained to your readers HOW welfare reform has been killed by the stimulus package. All I need is a link though, I can read it myself. Or you could simply link to the statement from which you quoted, maybe Rice provided a link.

    Anyhow, Rice is confusing people that are having a difficult time financially right now with generational poverty, which is a problem that the current welfare doesn’t help correct. It’s also ironic that what the community organizers that you so criticized during the presidential campaigns do is to try and organize communities where generational poverty exists to be more conducive to putting those poor people back to work.

    • Big Dog says:

      Randy, it is funny you would want me to be able to quote you exactly where something is in the bill when none of the people who voted on it even read it. However, this story from the NYP discusses it and if you use your favorite search engine you can see many articles about it. The NBRA sent me an email and there was no link. If it gets posted to their site I will link it.

      Community organizers are rabble rousers who fire up people to demand more because of their circumstances. Like demanding that they get home loans they can’t afford, one of the reasons we are in this mess. If they organized people to stay in school and get jobs then they might be worth something.

  3. Barbara says:

    Just another example of how Obama is trying to undermine America. CONTROL! CONTROL! He wants to silence radio, take our guns away, do away with our nuclear weapons, and make us totally dependent on government. Isn’t this a repeat of what Germany did to the Jews?

  4. Randy says:

    Stealth rollbacks? (per the NYP article)

    How could they be stealth if the rollbacks are anywhere in the stimulus bill, which is available in PDF format for you to search to your hearts content.


    Where is it? You are repeating an accusation made by Frances Rice. The burden of proof is on both of ya.

  5. Randy says:

    As I suspected, there is no “poison pill” that kills welfare reform. There are only temporary changes to the TANF program that expire at the end of the fiscal year 2010.

    Frances Rice is mistaken.