Obama’s 2012 Campaign: Immoral

Now, I realize that the Obama supporters might get angry here. The big-government folks will call me wrong — but that’s not true. Here’s a few bits from Obama’s re-election campaign and why they’re wrong:

  1. [T]urning around an economy in decline: While an alleged noble goal, not something that is within the power of a moral, restrained government. A government could do this — but only by making itself smaller and allowing people liberty. Instead, Obama will do this by using force against people and stopping free trade at every turn. That’s wrong and evil.
  2. [C]utting taxes for the middle class: Demagoguery and lies. While the Obamas may actually believe this is not a bold-faced lie, that’s only when the definition of the “middle class” is taken to mean those who earn between $50,000.00 and $50,000.01 each year. If taxes are bad, they should be cut for every single person — well, every single person who actually pays taxes.
  3. [O]verhauling the health care and financial systems: Once again, not permitted in a Constitutional Republic. It’s simply not allowed. Unless, of course, by “overhauling” they meant “removing all regulations.” But we all know there’s no chance of that. Instead, Obama intends to reduce freedom and liberty and increase slavery by using men with guns. Don’t like it? Go to jail.
  4. [P]roviding more financial aid for college students: Horribly, horribly wrong on so many levels. It’s wrong to take the money and give to others. It’s morally wrong to steal. It’s wrong to inflate the college costs. It’s wrong to send so many students to college who shouldn’t be there. It’s way outside the dreams of the Constitution.
  5. [R]epealing the ban on gay military service: I thought they already did this one. I guess they want to do it again. Now if they really wanted liberty, they’d remove the selective service as well, because that’s directly against the Constitution.
  6. [B]ringing home troops from Iraq: Total lie. He’s had years to do this and hasn’t started. And he’s in the process of expanding troops all over the damn planet. He has no right to inflict our troops on any foreign country right now, never mind the Constitutional power. If he wants to use the military, he needs to ask Congress to declare war on someone. Absent that, all US troops should be home.
  7. Continue judging people by their physical characteristics, instead of merit: They’re proud that they are sexist and racist. They’d glad they signed legislation that is in direct opposition to the Constitution because it forbids free association. When they hold up token people and say, “Oh, this is good, look, I appointed a woman,” you know that means he skipped over someone else because they weren’t a woman. That’s wrong to judge people by their sexual organs instead of their abilities.

But hey, this is the government we have in America today — we have a Democracy where the minority continues to violently suppress liberty and the majority. It’s wrong, and it doesn’t matter how many people in “the majority” want to do things. It goes back to the classic — if four men and one woman vote to see if the woman gets raped, a 3-2 vote doesn’t suddenly make it right.

Too bad we don’t have a Constitutional Republic — all the emotional issues that Obama is running on would be irrelevant and liberty and freedom would rein.

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One Response to “Obama’s 2012 Campaign: Immoral”

  1. Eoj Trahneir says:

    If you what to try something interesting, ask a liberal to define what the word “moral” means, without using the word “ethic” or “ethnic.”