Obamacare Needs More Money – SURPRISE!

Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it to see what was in it and Obama promised it would not add costs (I think he said it would bend the cost curve down) to the budget. Looks like Pelosi was right because we have been finding all kinds of bad things that no one knew about now that the monstrosity has been passed.

Obama was wrong when he said it would not increase costs. It is more likely he lied in order to create a new crisis that must be solved with more money because that is how progressives work. They create a problem, come up with a solution and when that solution causes more problems they develop solutions to the newly created problem. Those solutions involve more money and bigger government (and more problems). It is a never ending cycle.

Democrats are blaming Republicans for everything under the sun (even though the Democrats caused the problems) in hopes of retaking the House in 2014. But secretly Democrats are worried they might lose the Senate, in part, because of Obamacare.

The Democrats are vulnerable in 2014 because Senate seats in red states are up for reelection and many red state citizens are not happy with Obamacare. The costs continue to rise and every day a new item is found that people do not like.

Max Baucus (D- MT) has stated that Obamacare will be a train wreck if it is not implemented properly (and all indications are that it is not) and he has seen the writing on the wall. He has decided he will not run for reelection and the thinking is that his seat will turn Republican. Many other Democrats face similar circumstances and will be in trouble.

Republicans will hang Obamacare around their necks (remember, not one Republican voted for it).

Harry Reid has recently concluded that Baucus is correct and is saying that more money is needed to properly implement Obamacare. So there you have it, the monstrosity that is Obamacare needs MORE of our tax dollars in order to be implemented. The bill was touted as costing fewer than a trillion dollars (900 billion) but many people who looked at it stated it would end up costing in the neighborhood of 2.5 TRILLION dollars. Looks like we are approaching that level.

So much for bending that cost curve down.

Obama was wrong, or he lied. Either way we are stuck with paying more for a law that will not do what it claimed. It will not save us money, it still leaves millions uninsured, people can’t keep their doctors, there will be death panels, and illegals will be covered by the law.

Yes, it is a progressive monstrosity. Like Social Security, it is a progressive plan designed to enslave people to government and will end up costing more than claimed (by design).

It is good that Democrats could lose the Senate but that will only solve one problem. It will keep Obama in check for his last two years (but it will give him another entity to blame) but having Republicans in charge is no solution to our problems either. We have had that and we ended up with problems.

We need to have a complete overturn of Congress. The Senate can’t happen all at once because of the way they are voted on. We can solve part of the problem by repealing the Seventeenth Amendment and go back to how our founders wanted Senators installed, by appointment from the states (not the people). That will take a while and is not likely to happen at all given the Amendment process.

However, WE can vote them out every two years until we turn the upper chamber over.

We can also get rid of EVERY member of the House in one fell swoop.

All it takes is for the people to take back the country.

We can do it but we need to put country above party and ensure we hold ALL politicians accountable. Remember, they think they are better than you. As they discuss more money for Obamacare they are working on ways to exempt themselves and their staff members.

The country needs an enema to flush the toilet floaters out of DC.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Obamacare Needs More Money – SURPRISE!”

  1. Blake says:

    Obama lied- it is really THAT simple.