Obamacare Is The Law

This is the mantra we have heard from the left, a left that is employing all the Rules for Radicals in an effort to demonize people opposed to government intrusion into our lives. Liberals have called Tea Party members tea baggers, terrorists, radicals and anarchists in an effort to paint them as a fringe that must be ignored.

The true terrorists are the members of the government who impose things on us designed to take away or freedoms.

We have heard the left tell us that Obamacare is the law as if this means that it cannot be stopped or overturned. We have heard the brain damaged Harry Reid tell us that the opposition comes from people who can’t come to terms with the fact that Obamacare is the law and that the Supreme Court upheld it.

It is the law is NOT a valid reason to oppose an item or to work to have it changed. The left would have you believe that because this is the law that is the end of the story and nothing can or should be done to change it, period. We made a law and you have to follow it and since it is a law you have to follow it and it cannot be changed or revoked.


Slavery was once the law of the land. Separate but equal (Jim Crow laws) was once the law of the land.

These were all changed. The funny thing is that when people were working to change them Democrats acted as if they could not be changed because they were the law.

If we applied the same logic then that liberals like Reid are employing now then Obama would be a slave someplace or he would be required to eat at a different lunch counter.

These laws were all changed so for Reid to indicate that Obamacare is the law and that is that is disingenuous at best.

But let us look at something in the here and now.

Along with the Continuing Resolution the Congress must address the debt ceiling. The US has hit the statutory limit of how much it is allowed to spend. The claim is we will hit it in October but we already hit it and they are using gimmicks to keep us afloat.

BUT, the debt ceiling is a law. So, we can now tell Harry Reid and his sock puppets that the debt ceiling is the law and can’t be changed. We will be using their words against them and that will be a valid reason NOT to raise the limit.

If they want to claim that we can’t change something because it is the law then we need to hold firm on the debt ceiling because it is the law.

Ball is in your court Harry. I expect you will fetch it and take it to Obama while you sit at his feet but it is your ball nonetheless.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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