Obamacare Is Settled Law, So?

The left keeps telling us Obamacare is settled law and it should be left alone. That is, of course, unless B. Hussein Obama wants to alter it to help his friends. He is OK with granting exemptions and delaying certain provisions that help donors or base groups. He, I might add, is not allowed to change a law but then again the Constitution has never gotten in his way.

To strengthen his argument Obama tells us that John Roberts (an alleged conservative) and the Supreme Court have told us that Obamacare is settled and therefore we must leave it alone.

This guy is supposed to be a Constitutional law professor but he never gets it right. The Supreme Court only stated that Obamacare was Constitutional, not that it had to be left alone. The Court is charged with deciding if something is legal, the Congress is charged with introducing and changing laws and it has that authority no matter how long a law has been in place.

It is also important to point out the SCOTUS violated the Constitution when deciding Obamacare. The Court rewrote the law to make the penalty a tax and thus make it legal under Congress’ taxing authority. The law never calls it a tax; it calls the money a penalty. Remember, Obama was vehement that this was not a tax (until it was).

In any event, we are supposed to just sit back and allow Obamacare to destroy the nation because it is settled law. Well a funny thing happened on the way to Obamacare, the Democrats who rammed it through are now in a bad position because it is not working and millions of people are losing the plans they like and were promised they could keep. The rollout of the exchanges was a disaster and the website will likely not be working correctly by the end of November as Obama promised. Democrats want to change the law, you know the one that is settled and must be left alone.

When Republicans were debating the budget issues they pushed for many things. One of the compromises was a year delay of the individual mandate. The Democrats refused to negotiate and allowed the government to shut down over the issue. Now that things are going badly many of them (particularly those up for reelection) are seeking a delay of a year in implementing many parts of Obamacare including the individual mandate. Think about it. Democrats refused to do this and allowed the government to (partially) shutdown and now they are asking for it in order to protect them in the next election.

I like the way Obama and his toadies scream about settled law. Why is it that a settled law means nothing to them when they don’t like it?

Case in point, the Second Amendment. The law regarding arms has been settled law since December 15th, 1791 and yet liberals, including Obama, keep trying to change it.

The Second Amendment protects a preexisting right for an individual to keep and bear arms. This is only in dispute from those who want to get rid of firearms. History, SCOTUS rulings and the writings of the Founders all make it perfectly clear that individuals have the right to own and carry firearms for personal protection and any other legal purpose.

But liberals are not happy with this settled law. They want to change it even though it has been in effect just shy of 222 years.

So don’t fall for the mindless prattle of liberals who declare Obamacare settled law that can’t be changed.

You can change any law. Obamacare can be changed by Congress and the President and the Second Amendment can be changed by the people (through the Amendment process).

Ironically, liberal/progressive/socialists want Obamacare upheld and the Second Amendment repealed for the very same reason.

To control people.

This video shows black conservative leaders discussing gun control

This is how tyrants work. Control people’s lives (like their health care) and remove their means to fight tyranny and you can run roughshod over them.

History is full of examples of this.

Let’s not allow America to be added to that list.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Obamacare Is Settled Law, So?”

  1. Barbara A. Orla says:

    Gee, what is the big deal? Obama has alread overrode so many laws that what is one more?