Obama Withdraws from Withdraw

Barack Obama has changed his position on the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Now, before I continue with this, I know I will get comments from the Obamabots saying this has been his position all along. I would counter by stating that Obama has had about a half a dozen positions (maybe more) on the war depending on what contest he was in and to whom he was speaking. As a matter of fact, one of Obama’s positions included having troops in Iraq until 2013 which is exactly what John McCain said. Of course, McCain was blasted from the left and Obambi never got heat for it. Let’s see how well he does after his latest flip.

Today, in contrast to his earlier positions, Barack Obama stated that he would wait until his trip to Iraq before he defines his position on it (since he never intended to go to Iraq until he was embarrassed in to it, he cannot have always held this position). Obama stated that he wanted to speak to the commanders before making an assessment and he assured us that this has been his position all along. Except that in a debate he said he would immediately withdraw troops and that included a yes, even if the commanders oppose it, statement. Obambi said he would take their advice under consideration but as Commander in Chief the buck stops with him (as if he has more experience than the commanders). He and Hillary were both pandering to the anti war nuts at the time and they had to be tough. They were playing a game to see who could get the troops out faster.

Obama has changed from immediately, to 16 months, to by the end of 2009, to 2013 to any number of answers. This cannot make the nutroots very happy because they supported him and his “I was opposed to the war from the beginning” meaningless statement and they loved his promises to leave Iraq immediately.

For a list of the different positions Obama has taken go here. The list at the bottom are his quotes on the war and what he will do and includes his 2013 position.

The Obama campaign and the candidate himself have a lot of testicular fortitude when it comes to obvious lies. Obama contends that he has always held this position or that one, when the reality is that he did not. David Axelrod stated that Obama said he would always listen to the advice of commanders and that would factor into his thinking. This is a lie. Obama has repeatedly stated that he would listen to commanders but that he was going to withdraw the troops regardless of what they told him. He even had a second news conference today to address the GOP pointing out his flips and Obama stated that he would listen to the commanders but what they say would not affect his 16 month withdraw plan. Obviously, the commanders will not hold sway with Obama if they think we need to be there longer than 16 months.

Obama is playing a game here and he thinks he can get away with it and to be honest he will with part of the country. He and his campaign believe that if they continue to say things and keep repeating them people will hold them as true. They do this regardless of what Obama has said in the past. Obama has ALWAYS been in favor of gun control and he stated that he felt that guns should be taken away from people. He keeps saying he has always been in favor of it so that people will believe it is true but his record and his statements say something entirely different.

Obama also has another problem with regard to the war thing. He is running against a war hero and a man with a wealth of military experience. Obama has none, nada, zero, nil, experience in this arena. His rise to the top was all predicated on a meaningless opposition to the war and the left’s disgust at Hillary’s vote to authorize it. The left made her pay for voting for war and they love Obambi because he says he will end it and bring our troops home immediately. But that was then. He was running against a Democrat in a Democratic primary. He needed to persuade Democrats to vote for him and the best way to do that was to talk tough about bringing the troops home right away. The left ate that up and they loved him for it.

Now though, Obama will have to appeal to the other half of the country. He will have to appeal to those who do not believe in surrender and who understand that experience matters. Obama is moving toward the center to try and appeal to the moderate Republicans. He knows that most will not appreciate a strategy that means defeat because they remember all too well what happened in Vietnam. Obama also knows that he cannot look naive on this issue because national security is a very important one. By now saying that he might need to refine his plan he is trying to demonstrate that he has experience and good judgment. The problem is, he has made his positions clear a number of times and no matter how many times he says he has ALWAYS believed in his current plan, the fact is, he did not. This is a lie and he knows it is a lie he just hopes that YOU will not know it is a lie.

Consider this, if a candidate has always had the same position on an issue he would not have to keep saying that he has always had that position because people would know it. The very fact that people are pointing out the differences and the fact that he is defending against them shows that he has changed positions. If it was always the same there would be no validity to the attacks (if they would even occur) because people would know. Notice that he never has to say that he has always supported abortion. That is because he has and people know it. There are no other positions on which to compare and there are no other statements to the contrary. People know it, as opposed to his stances on gun control and the war in Iraq on which Obama has had more positions than the Kama Sutra.

Over the next few days Obama will claim he has always been consistent so that his code pinko friends on the left will be led to believe he has not abandoned them. He will also claim that the GOP is distorting his record. Regardless of what this guy says, he is lying.

And if anyone in the MSM had any integrity they would call him on it. Unfortunately, they go along with him. Keith Olberman (definitely not the MSM) is so in love with Obama that if Barry said tomorrow that the war in Iraq is righteous and that we need to go into Iran and have war for 100 years Keith would say how brave Obama is for saying things no one else will. Olberman blasted Bush and all his criminals for wanting to grant immunity to communications companies but when Barry voted for it Olberman said he was showing courage and fawned all over him.

Unfortunately, Olberman is not the only moron in the media that would stand in line to give Obama a Lewinsky. Chris Matthews would get in line several times with a tingle in his legs and there are others who will ignore everything just to help put a Democrat back in the White House.

It is obvious that Obama is trying to swing to the middle and will say anything in order to get elected. Muslims believe that it is perfectly OK to lie and deceive in order to advance Islam. Barry is deliberately lying and deceiving people in order to get elected (as did every Democrat who pretended to be conservative in the last election in order to get into office).

Wonder if it is a coincidence that both entities believe in the same things…

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6 Responses to “Obama Withdraws from Withdraw”

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  2. GM Roper says:

    Doggy, It is a lot of fun watching the obamabots rationalize his bouncing and you’ve nailed it right on the top of their little pointy heads. Well Done Sir Doggy, Well done!!!

  3. Kim Spinney says:

    Obama Denies Christ in His Own Words (Resources)

  4. Kim Spinney says:

    Obama will not confess or profess that Jesus is the son of God

  5. Kim Spinney says:

    Click on my name to read entire interview about his confession or lack of confession of faith he claims to some is him being a Christian. Barrack will ly about anything to get elected. He is a politician like all politicans we’ve known in the past, except he is evil.