Obama Will Pay Contractors To Violate Law

The federal government passed a law known as the WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) Act. This law requires employers with more than 100 employees to give at least a 60 day notice of an impending (or possible) layoff. Some states require a longer notice but the federal government says that 60 days is the minimum.

Last year during the budget debates the members of Congress agreed to get the budget in shape OR automatic cuts would take place. A huge portion of the cuts will come from the Defense budget which means that a lot of defense contractors will lose contracts and the money associated with those contracts. This also means that they will have to layoff or fire a lot of employees.

So, in accordance with the WARN Act these contractors (if they have more than 100 employees) must notify any of their employees who might be affected (layoff or fired). That 60 day period means the layoff notices, those notices REQUIRED under federal law, would go to employees about a week or so before the November 6th presidential election. Oops, looks like a lot of ticked off contractors will head to the polls knowing that they will likely lose income because of Barack Obama and his pathetic policies combined with the Democrats in Congress who refuse to pass a budget.

Not so fast. In an effort to keep workers from getting those notices prior to the election the Obama regime is asking contractors NOT to comply with the law. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Obama regime is asking contractors NOT to send notices to their employees which means they are asking them to break the law.

Not only that, the regime is telling these contractors that if they do not comply with the law the government will reimburse them for legal costs associated with the cancelled contracts. So, Obama tells them to violate the law and then says he will pay them for any legal costs associated with breaking the law.

This is obviously ILLEGAL and shows the Chicago mob mentality that permeates throughout this White House and the Obama regime. These people are part of a criminal enterprise and they do not care who knows it.

Some contractors have taken the promise of a federal payoff and indicated they will not send out the notices. It looks like the bribe might work.

But make no mistake people, if there is no budget agreement people in the defense industry WILL get laid off. They will get laid off at the same time they would have if the notices were sent in compliance with the law. The only thing that is different is they will not get a notice and the federal government will pay legal fees associated with that.

If you work for the affected companies do not be fooled. Notice or no notice you will get laid off. Just to be clear, Obama is bribing YOUR bosses to ignore the law and screw you so he can get reelected.

The rest of you in America, pay attention. The money the government will pay in these bribes will come from YOU. The government can only function through money it confiscates from us. It will use the taxes we pay to bribe companies to ignore the law.

Do you want to keep people who do these kinds of things in office?


Some members of Congress have vowed to keep tax dollars from being used in this fashion but I have little confidence they will actually pursue this course of action. Let’s face it, most have little testicular fortitude.

I expect the notices to go out in compliance with the law and I expect liberals to be up in arms that Obama is asking companies to break the law. I know it is tough for you libs but pretend it is Bush asking companies to break the law and act accordingly.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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