Obama Website Cover Up; Is Google Helping?

There is currently a lot of buzz throughout the blogosphere regarding Barack Obama’s website. Obama had a couple of items on his site that were disturbing to say the least. Pam at Atlas Shrugs has a list of the items with screen shots. The screen shots were necessary because as soon as the information started making the rounds it started disappearing from Obama’s site. The Obama folks have worked to have every trace of the offensive items disappear and there is word, though I have yet to see proof, that the lefty loons at Google are helping to get rid of the offensive stuff.

Obama’s site had items up with statements about Jews that one might expect from an anti Semite such as Mahmoud Amadinejad or about any other Muslim. It was typical stuff about Jews owning the media, Jews owning Congress, how politicians better do what the Jews say or else and all that kind of stuff. There was a page with support from Muslim terrorist supporters like Jemaah Islamiyah who is happy to support Obama because he will talk to Amadinejad, a man who has been misunderstood. There is also the obligatory tribute and support from the Black Panthers, the Jews were behind 9/11 and all kinds of other vile stuff.

Obama’s folks have been really busy today trying to get this stuff down and trying to make sure that no trace of it exists. I am no web guru but I have read in several places that a number of things are taking place to ensure that no archive, no cache, no record of any kind exists. The campaign wants to be able to deny any of it but folks like Pam Geller, Charles Johnson and Fausta have screen shots of the site.

I wonder if the MSM will be reporting on this mess. I wonder if anyone will ask Obama about the attempts at covering this up. I wonder if anyone will ask how it got posted in the first place and why some of the material has been up since at least March of this year.

Don’t hold your breath. It will be up to people like those mentioned above.

I can’t wait to hear Obama tell us that his webmaster is “not the webmaster I knew.”

Big Dog

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10 Responses to “Obama Website Cover Up; Is Google Helping?”

  1. Victoria says:

    He will say we should not be concentrating on such “distractions,” from the important issues. No, we are not supposed to be concerned at all about exactly who he is and what it possibly bodes for this country if he is elected POTUS. (sarcasm).

  2. Christinewjc says:

    Try as they may, they will NEVER be able to cover up all of the Obamaoffenses!

    Already had an Obama Kool-Aid drinker try to cover up Obama’s “Newborn Not a Person Unless Wanted views in a comment posted at my blog. Anyone who would defend infanticide must be crazy!

    I sure hope that McCain exploits Obama’s radical views on infanticide during debates or at the town hall meetings. People who don’t know the real Obama might be shocked. Then again…maybe not. It appears that the liberal left moonbats will support him no matter what awful information is revealed about the guy.

    Creepy…REALLY CREEPY!!

    Christinewjcs last blog post..Obama: Newborn not a Person Unless Wanted

  3. GodsModernDayMartyr says:

    I can hear Obama now….”That’s off-limits! You can’t talk about my faith, my associates, my lobbyists or my website!”.

  4. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 06/09/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

    David Ms last blog post..Web Reconnaissance for 06/09/2008

  5. Adam says:

    So, I’m confused. Am I missing something here? Can’t anybody post to the Obama community site? Remind me why it is a coverup for the folks in charge to remove user submitted material offensive to his campaign…

    Adams last blog post..To Hillary Supporters Jumping To McCain

  6. Big Dog says:

    I will unconfuse you Adam. We have discussed before that the cover up is often worse than the original issue. If Obama (or his peeps) would have written a note indicating they found objectionable material and removed it then there would be no problem because, as you said, anyone can post (if they sign up). He could have said they took it down and deleted the offending accounts. Instead they went into stealth mode.

    The clandestine manner in which it was removed and the reported involvement of Google only adds to the impression of a cover up. It gives the impression of a less than honest “typical” politician, a label Obama denies.

  7. I’m missing where Google enters the story here.

    As for the blogs that they allow people to keep on the Obama site, there’s really no excuse for them. They show how ignorant many Obama follwers are, and how the people running the Obama campaign are trying to keep those people under wraps. They are still there though, and Obama represents them.

    Charles Lumias last blog post..Barack Obama Leaves Trinity

  8. Big Dog says:

    Hi Charles,
    As I stated in the piece, there are rumors (and that is all they are) that Google was assisting in making sure none of the offensive items were cached.

    People who are better at all this than I have sent emails with the charges. I don’t know but given how Google hates America and loves Democrats it is not beyond belief.

  9. Ben says:

    First off, there are hundreds of search engines. If you can’t find a cached page on any of them, the blog post most likely never existed. You can’t just say “Google is liberal” and suddenly stop the discussion on whether there should be real evidence. Second, screenshots don’t prove anything, as it’s extremely easy to Photoshop a screenshot of text.

    Assuming the comments did exist…

    Oh please. Look at the screenshots. “Community Blogs.” Those posts were posted by individual members. That’s like blaming Facebook, Myspace, or any other site with millions of members for every single post. It’s not Obama’s webmaster that posted that, so mocking Obama and saying “not the webmaster I knew” is simply an idiotic attempt at humor. The Obama camp took down the offensive material as soon as they found it; like any moral webmaster would do. Furthermore, your attempt to associate the comments with Obama or his staff is sad at best, and shameful at worst. Why say “Obama’s site had items up” in an attempt to persuade the reader that Obama or his staff chose to put those comments up themselves? Hmm, just to garner page hits anyone? Or maybe to smear a man running for president because you don’t have any real arguments against him?

    Then in the discussion you say “He could have said they took it down.” Obviously they didn’t do that for multiple reasons. First, like I said, they have millions of users. Should YouTube post a notice every time they have to delete offensive comments under videos? Get real. Second, any mention of content like that just associates radical muslim ideology with Obama, which he obviously does not want to happen (seeing as he’s not even a muslim, let alone a radical one). Allowing that kind of talk to go on the blogosphere just begets millions of smear articles like this one.

  10. Big Dog says:

    Well Ben,
    The items in question were up for months. It took fewer than 48 hours for the Obambi team to remove items unfavorable to the candidate. They took the other stuff down when it drew attention. Is no one watching his site?

    You Tube and the others certainly are quick to take items down that offend Islam or make Obambi look bad but are slow (if at all) to take down items showing our troops in a bad light or getting killed by terrorists.

    Google is a liberal organization. Look at who they donate money to. It is easy to see.

    Why do you suppose all of the sudden Blogger accounts that have been around for a while but are anti Obambi have been labeled as Spam blogs making it difficult for the owners to get the site back up.

    Obambi is a bad man. You can drink the Kool Aid, you can call it smear but that does not make it so.