Obama Was Selected, Not Elected

Karma is a wonderful thing sometimes because it sometimes comes back to bite people in the butts. Such is the case with the Democratic party and their current Selection to lead them In 2000 the Democrats lost their minds because Al Gore won more of the popular vote but lost the electoral vote which is the fairest way to ensure that small, heavily populated areas of the country do not dictate who is elected. It allows the smaller folks to have an equal say. The Democrats began calling for change (there is that word) to the process. That is what they do, don’t like the outcome, change the rules. Fortunately, it would require a Constitutional Amendment to make that happen.

However, a funny thing happened after the Democrats began crying that Bush was selected (by the Supreme Court) rather than elected by the people. The Democrats have now selected (by way of the Super Delegates) their nominee rather than electing him via the people. Hillary Clinton won more of the popular vote and if the Democrats had allocated their delegates the way the Republicans did, she would have run a long time ago. Yes, Clinton won the popular vote and Obama won the delegate count sp he was selected and not elected.

How many Democrats have you heard crying about the illegitimate nominee? How many Democrats have bumper stickers that read “Selected, not Elected”? How many of them will refuse to acknowledge Obama as the legitimate candidate because he was selected by a small group of special people rather than the voting public? How many will proclaim that every vote should count and that the will of the people is important? How many will talk of disenfranchisement?

As I write this, Obama is giving his selection speech (it can’t be a victory speech, he did not win) and he started it off by pulling his grandma from under the bus. He acknowledged her and the fact that she raised him and he said that tonight was for her. He said she was in Hawaii and could not make it because of her health. I guess it is all the same, he does not want a typical white person around him anyway.

I have to admit, the guy gives a good speech and he really gets the crowd into it. Then again, so did Hitler and we know how that ended. Obama is saying a lot of nothing and he is inspiring a lot of people with promises he cannot keep. It is unfortunate that so many Americans are absolutely clueless with regard to this guy and with politics in general.

But then again, what should we expect from a group of people who cried about Bush being “selected” and not elected while acting as if Obama, who really was selected rather than elected, as if he is the second coming of the messiah?

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8 Responses to “Obama Was Selected, Not Elected”

  1. corey says:

    If you count the caucus states as popular votes, he won that as well.

    I felt the same way you did, until Hilary kept changing her story depending on what worked in her favor.

    First she claims it’s all about the delegates, then only the super delegates matter, then only the popular vote (because you don’t count caucus states in popular votes).

    She’s too wishy washy.

  2. Big Dog says:

    You can’t count caucus states because they did not have an election where everyone voted. How would you come up with the numbers.

    The fact is, if they had winner take all Hillary would have been the nominee months ago. Also, Obama did not win.

    He was selected, not elected. Don’t forget that.

  3. BECKY says:

    The fix was in awhile ago.Just wonder if the delegates can read.this Obama person is dirty his supporters should be no where near the White House.Country before Party.

  4. Scott says:

    I’m just amazed at the state of denial that the Democrats seem to live in, their capacity for self-deception is truly astounding.

    First you have Obama’s lack of any real plan to bring about the “change” he talks so much about. When he does mention anything semi-solid its either the same tired old tax and spend policies the Democrats have always had, is far fetched and frankly not going to happen, or shows his complete lack of understanding of how things work.

    Second you have his 20 year association with racial bigots. His feigned shock and surprise at their rhetoric (like this stuff never came up before in 20 years) is disingenuous at best. I guess “white guilt” really is that powerful that people will make excuses for him and his wife. If her ass isn’t proud to be an American she can take it somewhere else.

    Third, he’s claimed to be “different” from the Washington politicians. However he’s shown himself to be the typical politician and Rev. Wright, the man who has “known him for 20 years and been like family” even said he’s a politician and will say or anything to get elected. I think it was that statement right there that really pissed B.O. off more than anything.

    But the Dems have their heads buried in the sand (I personally think they’ve got them shoved very deeply in a different location) and refuse to see the truth that is right before them.

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  6. Jo says:

    Sweetie, I posted on this yesterday with your quotes … then I get an email from Townhall about Ann Coulter’s latest column titled … (drum roll) “Obama Was Selected, Not Elected” Wow!

    Jos last blog post..Answer: None

  7. Diana Mings says:

    I have watched the Democratic race closely. I have seen with my own eyes the preacher, and the priest make racist and explosive statements. I have read about Obama’s ties to shady characters, and last but not least try to deny his Muslim roots. His wife is a racist. I don’t think she is even a nice racist. What has this country become when they let this person be nominated? It’s not like this is all smoke and mirrors. It’s fact. This man is dangerous to our way of life. I don’t know anyone personally who supports Obama, but these have to be the most idiotic persons ever born. Yes he was selected, not elected. Everything about this whole situation is just WRONG.