Obama Was Misleading; Ya Think?

Representative Kurt Schrader of Oregon said that Barack Obama was grossly misleading on Obamacare according to an article at the Weekly Standard. He further stated that Obama was very misleading on the claim that you could keep your plan if you like it.

Schrader voted for Obamacare and he supports it. He makes it clear that he thinks the problems with the roll out will be fixed and that those problems will be way in the past.

I think he means that they will be in the past when Election Day comes next year. Many Democrats are hoping that Obamacare can get its feet on solid ground and the problems lessened or solved early on so that they have plenty of time to recover before the 2014 election. You see, the reality is that they do not care how it affects people they only care how it affects their ability to remain in office.

Conservatives warned that these problems would happen. There were plenty of warnings that Obama was not telling the truth about keeping plans. There were plenty of warnings that the plans under Obamacare would cost a lot more than plans people already had. There were plenty of warnings but Obama and his toadies said Republicans were trying to scare people.

Many conservative radio and TV hosts warned that these things would happen.

Now you know why Obama told people they should not listen to talk radio or watch FOX News. If they had they would have been informed about what was taking place.

And let’s face it, the last thing a Democrat/Socialist/Progressive needs is an informed electorate.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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