Obama Warns of Quiet Riots

B. Hussein Obama was out on the campaign trail and he warned of a “Quiet Riot” brewing among disillusioned black folks in this country and he claims that the Bush administration has done nothing to “defuse” the situation. Obama likens the outcome of this situation to the 1992 riots where black people acted like animals and tore up a city because the judicial system found four cops not guilty in the Rodney King case. It does not matter how people feel about the outcome, breaking the law by rioting and tearing up the city is not the way a civil society addresses issues. Who did these black folks think they were, Muslims? Obama is carefully inserting the race card into the issue but one would be hard pressed to find any justifiable reason the LA riots occurred. White people did not riot and tear up things when OJ Simpson was found not guilty. The fact is, verdicts are handed down every day and they will make a portion of the people happy and a portion unhappy. Very few verdicts have 100% support.

Obama is concerned about the people who are still displaced from New Orleans as a result of hurricane Katrina. He asserts that the Bush administration has been incompetent and that poverty and hopelessness was there long before Katrina. Yes Mr. Obama, it was and the truth be told poverty and hopelessness was there LONG before George Bush ever became president. The city was poor and destitute long before Bill Clinton was president and certainly during his presidency so I imagine he was incompetent in handling it as well. In reality, it is not the job of the federal government to ensure that a city is not impoverished. It is not the job of taxpayers to foot the bill for other cities. It is the job of the local and state officials to foster an environment where people can prosper and by the way Mr. Obama, those officials were all Democrats.

Democrats failed the people of New Orleans long before the hurricane. Certainly we saw failures on the part of the federal response but the biggest failures came from the state and local level. While Ray Nagin was hiding under a bed in the fetal position people were dying. It was his incompetence that left hundreds of buses to get flooded when they could have carried people out. I will not rehash Katrina but there was enough blame to go around and it starts at the state and local level, an area Obama skips on his way to blaming President Bush.

Perhaps there are problems with people who were displaced but I would venture a guess that they have not returned because they do not want to. Certainly there needs to be more done to rebuild the place so people have something to come back to but in all reality people have been out of there for nearly two years, have put their children in better school systems and have probably started working and living in better conditions then those they left in New Orleans. New Orleans had a very high poverty level and since blacks comprised about 67% of the population, they were hit particularly hard. There will be many who do not want to return to Nagin’s chocolate city.

However, Obama could not resist lobbing that race grenade. He had to tell of the plight of black folks from New Orleans who are slowly boiling and will end up in a riot like the one in LA. New Orleans has received BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars and our money has paid for every pet project that the corrupt politicians have come up with. The real issues facing blacks, not only in New Orleans but in many large cities in America is a gangsta culture where young girls have baby after baby and the government subsidizes the baby farms while the baby daddies run around shooting each other. There is a high level of illiteracy because the Gs are dropping out of school because they can make more money running drugs in the hood. They get into a culture that involves young black men killing each other and sometimes innocent people who get caught in between. Most major cities have increased crime rates and there are many murders. Most of those murders are black on black where young black men, enamored with the lifestyle of thugs like 50 Cent, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg kill each other in disputes over drugs or other criminal activity.

These are the facts and they are indisputable. While race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson run around finding men in white sheets behind every rock and Hussein Obama blames the misfortunes of blacks on President Bush, more black people are dying because they lack the moral compass to set them in the right direction and they lack leaders in the community who will actually force them to do the right thing. They come from broken homes, drop out of school, and produce offspring while they are still children themselves. These factors are what sets the table for poverty and crime and the hopelessness that Obama is so concerned about. If Obama wants to fix this problem he needs to stop pointing the finger at George Bush and point it toward the black community because that is where the problem lies and until there are real leaders who raise a generation of people who are independent, educated, responsible and see government as a hindrance rather than a provider the situation will not improve. True success needs to come from within and all the government programs in the world will not end the cycle of violence and poverty that breeds in the black communities.

This is what Obama needs to look at. This is what the black community needs to address. This is what the black community needs to fix and until that happens there will always be a slow boil to a quiet riot. Hell, the quiet riot has been going on for years but it involves blacks not so quietly rioting against each other. Until Mr. Obama and the black community can solve these fundamental problems there will be angry blacks killing each other and rioting, whether in the aftermath of a hurricane or on a drug dealer’s street corner.

Blaming Bush will do absolutely nothing to fix the problem. One day, Hussein Obama will realize that finger pointing is not leadership.

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2 Responses to “Obama Warns of Quiet Riots”

  1. Bob says:

    It appears Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), a front-runner for the Democrat Party presidential nomination, has stolen a page from the campaign playbook of Segolene Royal, the French Socialist Party candidate who lost the French presidential election to Nicolas Sarkozy early last month.

    In a Bob McCarty Writes™ post May 4, I reported that operatives of Senator Obama and his chief rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), would be paying close attention to the results of the presidential election in France. A day later, I wrote and published a post about Royal’s warning to her countrymen — or, as she would say, “country-persons” — only 48 hours before election day that violence would erupt in the streets of France if she lost. And it did.

    Now, according to an Associated Press report, Obama tossed out words like “Katrina” and “Rodney King” before accusing President George W. Bush of doing nothing to defuse a “quiet riot” among blacks that threatens to erupt just as riots in Los Angeles did 15 years ago.

    Sounds like a threat to me. Moreover, it sounds like he’s targeting the same segment of the Democrat Party base at which people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tend to direct their oft-divisive, race-bating efforts, such as “No Justice, No Peace!” Worst of all, it sounds as if he’s hoping those targeted will actually resort to violence so that he — Obama — can try to lay the blame for the social unrest at the feet of Bush and, more importantly, his Republican opponent in the 2008 general election.

    If I was Senator Clinton, I would be eating this up, satisfied that the junior senator from Illinois had blown his chance and, in so doing, improved hers.

  2. David M says:

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