Obama Using IRS Again

King B. Hussein Obama the First has again violated the Constitution by issuing orders that directly contradict a duly enacted law. Obamacare was passed by DEMOCRATS in Congress and signed into law by DEMOCRAT Obama and the SCOTUS rewrote the law to allow it. That law has set dates for things to happen but things are not going well with Obamacare and Democrats are worried they will lose the Senate in the next election.

So, King Obama pushed certain employer mandates past the next election so that the mindless people will forget about the problems and the certain disaster and vote the loveable Democrats back into office. By the way, these are the same delays Republicans wanted and Obama and Reid refused resulting in the Democrat shut down of the federal government.

Keep in mind the disaster of millions losing jobs and/or insurance will not be prevented. It will just be delayed until after the election. Once they are back in office the mess will occur and there will be nothing you can do about it. Vote them out this November and put an end to this insanity.

The problem is Obama’s edicts do not comply with the law. As the Executive he is not allowed to change laws.

The edicts affect businesses that employ certain numbers of full time employees. Obama’s henchmen at the IRS have been tasked with intimidating these businesses not to fire people because of Obamacare. Well really they are intimidating them into NOT claiming it was because of Obamacare.

The smart employer knows that if he has to comply with the law if he has 100 employees then he can avoid the law by firing enough people to get below that threshold. The IRS will force businesses to swear, under penalty of perjury, that it did not fire people to avoid Obamacare and its mandates.

The numbers deal with full time workers because the law already allows for employers to avoid Obamacare for part time employees (fewer than 30 hours per week).

So the goon squad at the IRS, fresh off illegally targeting conservative groups, will now force businesses to swear that they are not dumping employees because of (or to avoid) Obamacare.

This is insane. Employers are free to hire and fire people for whatever reason they want. There is no need to let the government know why.

But since the IRS will be used as the enforcement arm and since members of Congress refuse to stop the lawless Obama (particularly the jelly spined Republicans) businesses will likely have to comply or face the wrath of an unleashed IRS.

But wait, what will stop a business with too many employees from reducing hours of those workers so they fall below the 30 hours required to provide insurance? A smart business owner could very easily reduce hours until the number of full time employees is below the 50 or 100 level and thus avoid the Obamacare mandates.

Reduced hours means less pay (which is probably why Democrats are pushing for a minimum wage increase. Well that and buying votes) but does that matter if you are trying to run a business without going bankrupt from Obamacare (in addition to the numerous other government regulations)?

Yep, if I owned a business I would fire employees who voted for Obama. If I faced the IRS goons and could not do it I would reduce the Obama voter’s hours to under 30. The law is specific about the hour requirement.

Then again, the tyrant King has not followed the law as of yet so I suspect that once he figures this out he will issue new orders for the IRS.

The reality is the Democrats do not want businesses talking about firing people because of Obamacare. They know it will happen but if it is discussed they might lose more votes so they are using the IRS to issue a sort of gag order. Fire people and swear it was not because of Obamacare so then you can’t go out and say it was…

Voters need to strengthen the Republican numbers in the House and retake the Senate (with a big majority) and this will put a stop to Obama and Harry Reid and their destruction of the country.

It will also give us the numbers needed to impeach the King.

But only if they grow a spine along the way.

As an aside, Obama and I have something in common. He sees fit not to follow the law. So do I…

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Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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One Response to “Obama Using IRS Again”

  1. Blake says:

    I consider it my patriotic duty to NOT follow an illegal law, and virtually ALL that that piece of fecal matter has done is unconstitutional and illegal.