Obama: Unite Means Everyone is a Liberal Democrat

B. Hussein Obama is campaigning on bringing the country together and is telling everyone that he has the ability to do just that. Obama lacks the experience of other candidates but he is certain that he can do what every politician throughout history has claimed and that is bring the country together. George Bush was a uniter not a divider and those who ran against him claimed that they could unite Americans. These folks will say anything to get elected and there is little chance that any of them can actually unite a country that is divided along political lines. One hopes that a President will not unite us but will find common ground upon which we can all unite. There are going to be differences regardless of who is in office and those differences do not mean we are all intolerant of each other. They mean we have different beliefs but that our common ground is much larger than those things that divide us.

The problem with Obama is that he wants to unite the country but only if that unity is to the left. We can be united, as far as he is concerned, only when we all move to his side of the aisle and take up his beliefs and his causes regardless of what we might actually believe in. Forget what you believe or what you want, Obama wants to unite us all on the left. Here is a statement from his campaign made while discussing Hillary’s obsession with the Republican attack machine:

“I think we need a candidate who is obsessed with unifying this country again,” said Obama adviser David Axelrod. He added that Obama could break “the sort of decades-long battle we’ve had over this jagged divide — red state, blue state, American against American — and try to bring people together and attract disaffected Republicans and attract independent voters so that we could build not just a victory, but a governing coalition in this country.” The Hill

Notice that Obama can break this red state blue state American against American by attracting [to the left] disaffected Republicans and Independent voters. He did not say anything about disaffected Democrats because Obama believes there are none because they are on the correct side of the issues. He did not say that people from all parties could find common ground and work together. He specifically indicated that the left needs to get Republicans and Independents to join in the Kool-aid love fest that is the left. Therein lies the problem. Those Republicans who are disaffected are not disaffected because the yearn to be liberal, they are disaffected because their leaders have abandoned sound conservative principles. We do not want to become liberal, we want our leaders to get back to being conservative.

B. Hussein has trouble with this idea (as do most liberals) because to them, only insane people are not on board with their ideology. This is why they scream and cry when they lose elections because to them there is no way their ideals should lose. There is no way, to them, that enough Americans shun their ideas that they can lose so there must be cheating going on. They did not scream and cry about cheating in 2006 because they won, as it should be, in their egotistical little world. There is only disenfranchisement and cheating when they lose because liberalism is the only way to live and only a moron would think otherwise. Thus, you get statements like the one Obama’s camp made with regard to bringing in the disaffected who surely desire to live as liberals.

This statement by the Obama campaign shows me that he is not about uniting the country and finding common ground where we can work out our differences. No, he is only concerned with uniting us as one big happy liberal family.

Besides, Hillary is the one who can truly unite people in this country. If she wins the Democratic nomination the Republicans will come out of the woodwork to unite against her and ensure she is defeated.

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