Obama To Delay Naming AG Nominee

Barack Obama will delay naming Eric Holder’s replacement until, surprise, after the midterm elections. Obama does not want the selection to be used as political fodder forcing Senate Democrats to indicate whether or not they support the nominee.

The Democrats are expected to lose Senate seats if not outright control of the Senate in the midterm elections. If they lose control Obama will push to have his nominee confirmed during the lame duck session while he still has a majority and while Harry Reid can change the rules to get what he wants.

I can imagine the entire thing playing out, assuming the Republicans win control. Obama, who is delaying naming the nominee (there are claims he has not picked anyone yet) will present the nominee during the lame duck session and urge Senators to rapidly confirm the person. He will say that any delay is unacceptable and based on partisan politics. He will tell us how important the Attorney General position is and how we cannot wait to have a person in the office.

He will tell us all how important it is to act quickly even though he has no problem with NOT acting quickly at this particular time.

To Obama it is not prudent to act quickly when an election is in the balance but it will be real important to act quickly if he is faced with losing the majority.

Now serfs, we can wait until after the election but we cannot wait until the new Senate is seated.

That would be unacceptable because…

Well because it is for the children.

Associated Press

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One Response to “Obama To Delay Naming AG Nominee”

  1. Blake says:

    To obammy, everything is political- I bet he even polls whether to go #1, or #2 at any given time.