Obama Takes Obamacare Off The Table

obamacaredelayBarack Obama and all of those who support the health care law that bears his moniker know it is a bad law. They forced it upon us even though a majority of the nation did not want it. They forced it through in order to take control of even more of our lives and to take away our free choices under penalty of law.

Obamacare came with problems for Democrats who voted for it willingly or were bribed into voting for it. In the 2010 midterm elections the Democrats lost the House of Representatives and it was, in large part, because of Obamacare. Many Democrats found themselves unemployed because they supported it.

Large parts of that law are scheduled to take place prior to the 2014 midterm elections and the Democrats are worried that certain mandates will have a similar effect.

Barack Obama has decided to delay the implementation of the employer mandates until after the midterm election [though there is some question as to whether he has the authority to do so or if Congress must be involved because he is changing a law] so that the Republicans will no longer have the unpopular mandates as a weapon to use during campaigns.

Make no mistake, this delay has nothing to do with allowing businesses time to comply. Failure to comply would mean more revenue to the government. The reality is that this is a political nightmare and the delay is solely for the purpose of politics. It is to take it off the table so that Democrats can win reelection.

If Obamacare is so wonderful then why is Barack Obama delaying a major part of it until after the election?

He is doing so because he knows it is unpopular and might cost Democrats seats. He is not doing it to help business and he is not doing it to be a good guy because he does not care about that.

If this were not about politics then he would not do it around an election and he would have delayed the INDIVIDUAL mandate as well. You see, individuals still have to comply on time.

Obama is worried about business owners (where the money is for donations and campaign ads) and not about the individuals who do not have the money and clout of business owners. He knows his followers will still support him and is not really worried about them. He is concerned that the businesses that will take a huge hit for a large number of employees (as opposed to one person taking a hit) will oppose Democrats with their resources.

Once again, if this was all lollipops and unicorns then he would be touting it and making sure it was displayed in all its glory.

It is despised and Obama wants to remove it from the discussion.

Keep this in mind as the campaigns heat up.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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