Obama Supports Voter ID

But only in Africa.

It is well known that Barack Obama does not support voter ID laws in the US. He and his administration have fought every attempt at voter ID since he was elected. Hell, the lack of voter ID and the corruption of groups like ACORN are responsible for his election and reelection.

Without voter fraud Democrats have a hard time winning.

Obama was beside himself when the Supreme Court struck down part of the Voting Rights Act because that removed a weapon the regime had to force states into lax voter conditions. Now states will not be held to a decades old standard that probably no longer applies.

Texas jumped right in and reintroduced its voter ID requirement moments after the decision. Liberals screamed about an activist court (like one that negates the will of the people in Prop 8) and lamented about how horrible this all is. Liberals do not like voter ID because it makes it harder to cheat.

But while Obama is on his African vacation (where he will not visit his place of birth) he made a comment about the voter ID laws in Africa. He likes what they have done and the fact they have spent million of dollars to get young people ID cards, a prerequisite to voting.

Funny how Obama is all for things for other people but not the citizens of the US. He likes voter ID in Africa but not at home. He is arming the Syrian rebels (the citizens fighting against the government) but wants to disarm the American citizens [the subject of whether the animals in Syria should be armed is a different discussion].

It seems to me that there should be a huge push for voter ID laws in this country and we can cite Obama’s own words for support. As for the gun issue, he can try to take them but will fail miserably. We decided that issue in 1776 and we remember how we did it.

Read the story here.

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One Response to “Obama Supports Voter ID”

  1. Blake says:

    What’s so bad about Kenya? Just look at it’s people, like obammy’s drunken socialist daddy, and even obammy himself. What a sick joke-