Obama Supports Private School Choice, for His Kids…

Barack Obama, like most Democrats, opposes school choice and voucher programs. He believes that all children should be forced to attend the public school system where they will be properly indoctrinated into the mindset of government run everything. The Democrats are in bed with the teacher’s unions and therefore have to support programs that require all children to attend a public school system that is failing miserably mainly because the unions care more about teacher pensions and less about child performance. Yes, the Democrats believe that parents should not be allowed to send their children to private schools on a voucher program because, to them, the public system is adequate.

Adequate for everyone else’s children. It is no secret that many politicians send their children to private schools. It is also no secret that while they are giving speeches about how great the public school system is, they are ensuring that their children do not attend the public schools. When asked, they indicate that this was the best choice for their children. In other words, they believe that they should be able to choose but you should not. Barack Obama is no different.

While Obama is deriding voucher plans as tired schemes and while he receives the endorsement of the teacher’s unions and while he is extolling the virtues of a public education he is sending his little darlings to a private school. He is paying over $15 thousand a year per child to send his girls to private school and he says it is because that is the best choice for them. In other words, Obama’s kids deserve what is best for them and because he can afford it, they get it. The rest of you rubes have to send your kids to the public school system because no Democrat will allow vouchers so that your kids can get the same good education.

It has to be that way. Chelsea Clinton got her private education, the Kennedy kids went to private schools (as do nearly all children of politicians) and now the Obama kids. All the while, your kids are attending the substandard public school system. This is the way it has to be in order for the elite in this country to continue their rule. If your kids did not go to public schools who would Obama’s kids rule over when they get elected to office?

Look at all the people in politics who have children in some sort of service as either politicians or as lobbyists. This is a nepotistic system that allows generations of families to rule the rest of us and the only way they can continue to do this is to ensure that their children have all the advantages while they keep the rest of the children in the country stuck in the mire of the public system.

The next time Obama tells you that the public system is great ask him why his kids are not in it. As with every other hypocritical position, he will give you a BS answer as to why things should be different for him and his family than they are for you and yours.

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7 Responses to “Obama Supports Private School Choice, for His Kids…”

  1. Reason says:

    Typical “do as I say not as I do” Liberal practice.

    Al Gore, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, et al want you to live they way they tell you to, rob you of your income, and generally impoverish the middle and upper middle class.

  2. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 08/12/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  3. Thanks for another piece pointing out the audacity of Obama’s ‘fake’ hope.

  4. Hillman says:

    Excellent Blog Posting Big Dog. You’re right on spot with this one.

  5. Found this post a little late, but I totally agree. I live in a city with a failing school system and can send my child to private school for almost-free with the voucher system. BUT he doesn’t start kindergarten until one year from now. I am praying to God Obama isn’t elected, because I know if he is, this opportunity will vanish. If that happens, I will homeschool, but I really don’t want to have to do that. (Because I am lazy. :) )

  6. Big Dog says:

    I completely understand Jenny. My kids are grown but I know what it is like. Parents should have choices.

    Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.