Obama stabs Hillary; minor racism OK as well

Saturday was an interesting day starting with Obama’s pick for VP and ending up with Chris Matthews dismissing “racist”** remarks made by Biden in the past.

Obama was supposed to announce his VP pick Friday but two things changed that. Obama was caught up in the frenzy and delayed but now that I see how things transpired I am sure that Obama waited, at least in part, so that he could take one last dig at Hillary Clinton. The cat was out of the bag at a little after 1 am but Obama waited nearly two hours before he sent the much anticipated text messages and emails. Obama’s campaign sent them out at 3 am. When I heard that I knew immediately that he waited until that time to take a dig at Hillary and her “who do you trust when there is a call at 3 am” ad.

The Hillary supporters are already upset because she did not win and was treated badly. Then Obama did not even consider her for the VP slot. They said her name was in the running but she was never vetted. No one asked for her information because she was not going to get the nod no matter what. The 3 am announcement was the Obama camp’s way of saying that any message at 3 am will come from them. Hillary will not be involved. I hope the people who support her picked up on this and remember it.

The second part of the day involved Obama’s actual pick, who Obama introduced as the next PRESIDENT of the United States. Obama has stated he was an agent of change and that we could not afford to have politics as usual. He touted himself as a DC outsider. Then, instead of picking a running mate that is outside the beltway, he picks a man who has been in office for 36 years. Obama not only picked a man who, like The One, has little experience in the private sector, he picked a guy who is completely entrenched in the DC culture. This is not change and it shows that Obama was worried about the election. He sacrificed what he says he believes in in order to win. The selection of Biden, a man who admitted McCain was ready to be president and Obama is not, shows that Obama is running a bit scared. He also picked a guy who will not forget how many houses he has because they are all in a compound. Biden’s $1.3 million dollar house is only one of the homes in the Biden compound. I wonder if he is considered out of touch?

The last thing I saw (in between the football games) was Chris Matthews demonstrate how completely in the tank he is for Obama. Any person who was on his show that had a negative thing to say about the Biden selection was taken to task. If something negative was stated Matthews followed up with “…yeah but” or “well does that matter?” When one person mentioned Biden’s propensity for putting his foot in his mouth Matthews said (paraphrase) yeah but do the remarks matter? I mean, maybe it does not offend my religion but his comment was minimally racist and it only involved Indians. It was, you know, not like a really racist remark.

It is no secret that the Democratic Party has a long history of racism, slave holding, Jim Crow laws, lynching, and having a racist terror organization in the KKK to strike terror into the hearts of blacks. This past is well documented and undeniable. It is no secret that Democrats make racist comments all the time and they do so without the scrutiny that any Republican would get.

Chris Matthews wants you all to know that it is OK because there are degrees of racism and Biden is only minimally racist and his comments were directed at Indians so it really does not mater. I don’t seem to remember Matthews or anyone else excusing the word macaca when George Allen used it. No, the left went nuts and this was the worst thing in the world. No one on the left said it was a minor thing, and didn’t insult anyone important. Chris Matthews is completely in the tank for Obama and would have had tingles in his legs no matter who Obama selected. The choice of Biden, who has had differing opinions than Obama on many issues, gives us a great view of how the MSM will say or do anything to assure an Obama victory.

What an interesting day? We had the delayed announcement in order to diss Hillary, the Biden appearance and questions about his mouth and we had Matthews excuse racism.

The next couple of months will be fun. It will also be interesting to see if the left, those who say the differences between Biden and Obama do not matter, will pick apart McCain’s choice and try to exploit the differences.

I think Biden is a smart guy with regard to foreign affairs but he is an insider and a typical politician. He is part of the problem, not part of the solution that Obama claims to offer. Biden also has the potential to open his mouth and end the contest with a few poorly chosen words. With people like Matthews helping to excuse the gaffes he might have an easier go of it.

**Those who know me know that I do not think talking about a person’s nationality is racist. There are only a few races (despite the number on government forms) and while there are many things to call a person who makes offensive remarks, racist is not one when it does not involve a race. However, the left calls it that and Matthews called it that when he excused it.

Big Dog

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16 Responses to “Obama stabs Hillary; minor racism OK as well”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:

    Where are Scottie and Swines? I need intelligent debate on the Biden pick. Not REASONless’ nonsense and Dog’s racist rambles.

    Where my b!tches at? Swineapple…we miss your unfounded opinions, buddy.


  2. Big Dog says:

    Bunny, I thought we had this discussion. No one here are your b**ches. Keep the ghetto over at your place.

    Last time I tell you.

  3. Adam says:

    Being a Delaware transplant I’m almost sad to have just come under the watch of Biden only to lose out to Obama. Along with beating Hillary, Obama has ruined all my favorite things this year and he’ll be damn lucky if he gets my vote.

    I think first and foremost Obama chose Biden for the foreign policy experience. Obama’s cabinet would account for many of his experience shortcomings in both foreign and domestic policy, but many of those names will never be known before November so Obama needs a very strong, very outspoken foreign policy expert going on the attack every time McCain or his running mate questions Obama on foreign affairs.

    It’s no be surprise that Chris Matthews is an idiot. He’s been in the bag for Obama since Hillary first stepped foot on a stage running for president. MSNBC in general has been largely pro-Obama. I can’t believe that MSNBC would seek to counter the Fox News lunacy and right wing bias by having a left wing biased network. It’s frustrating because I want more than anything an independent media, not an equal but opposite number of partisan hacks and talking heads.

  4. Kathy Washburn says:

    Good morning, Big Dog! What a great land we live in, huh? I disagree with you on only one thing – I don’t think Biden is smart. As far as his being Obama’s running mate, I don’t really think it matters (to borrow Matthews’ phrase). Of course he was selected for various reasons, all of which could have been found in any number of other people, but I suspect those others said, “No way!” As I said, I don’t think Biden is particularly smart, but until Gore lost to President Bush, I always gave him credit for some decency. However, now I have to wonder even about that. Ever since Gore was unable to steal that election, it seems almost all the Dems have become un-glued.

    Of the previous poster I would ask why does he/she need debate (intelligent or insane) on the Biden pick. If that person does not know Biden after he has been in the Senate half of my life (I am 70 years old), he will never know him. Also, debates do not tell you who or what a person is, and I think they are silly. Additionally, there is no debate called for – Obama picked Biden and no amount of debate will result in a change.
    Good blog! Keep up the good work.

  5. Big Dog says:

    You realize that the major networks are left biased and that Fox is the only right biased station?

    Also, most of the time Fox is presenting a point of view they have a person who represents each side (left and right). I watched CNN the other day and they had one lib after another on the air to praise Obambi with no opposing viewpoint.

    No wonder liberals believe so many pie in the sky fantasies…

    At least at Fox they bring in both sides, as guests and as paid workers.

    Fox is closer to the middle and certainly more fair and balanced than any other news outlet.

    I have news for you (pun intended) NBC had a left wing biased network before MSNBC and before Fox ever showed up. It was called NBC and like ABC and CBS as well as the cable networks, it is very biased to the left and nearly 80% of staff are Democrats who vote left.

    Look at how they followed Obama to Europe…

    They are all biased.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Good Morning Kathy,
    I think Biden has intelligence, common sense is another thing. He is well versed in foreign affairs but he is such a liberal moron and a long winded blowhard who likes to insult others while listening to himself speak.

    It will be interesting to see how things go. This is Biden’s only shot at getting to the presidency. He can serve as VP and if something happens to Obama or after 8 years (which would make him older than McCain and you would see real liberal hypocrisy).

    Biden had fewer than 10,000 votes in the primary before he dropped out. Hillary had 18 million. The choice to make the win a certainty was Hillary and Obama blew that.

    Adam, you might not vote for Obama? Depending on who McCain picks for VP, I might not vote for him…

  7. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    It was amusing to say the least. That is watching the talking heads at NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN leaving snail tracks all over the place after the lightworker announced windbag joe biden as his number 2. Grown men acting like girls at an nsync concert.

  8. Adam says:

    I was kidding about not voting for Obama. However, as I am living in a real blue state again for a change instead of a purple one, I wouldn’t feel too bad voting for a 3rd party or indi ticket. I’ll just have to see. Most likely I’ll vote for Obama.

  9. Big Dog says:

    Of course…

    That is what I don’t understand about Obambi. One of the things they say is never pick a running mate in a state you will already win.

    Delaware is blue? You should be in MD. It is so blue they tax you just to watch you wither and die.

  10. Adam says:

    In an opposite idea of what you said some had also said Obama worried about the party majority and that he didn’t want to uproot a Dem from a place that isn’t clearly blue. I don’t buy into that as much, I’d fall more in line with your thinking about winning states. But there’s a lot of stuff that goes into these decisions so it’s hard to say.

  11. Big Dog says:

    That is why the Dems don’t want McCain to select Lieberman. They know they could beat that ticket but Lieberman is from a state with a Republican Governor so a Republican would get appointed.

    I think Obama’s prime motive is to get someone who can counter the experience McCain has. He is far better versed in foreign affairs and the polls show that nearly 2:1 people trust him more in that area. Biden takes some of that away.

    I don’t think Obambi was worried about the majority because one seat would not make the difference especially if he does not win.

  12. Adam says:

    The “It’s the economy, stupid” phrase may be making a comeback this year but it will be hard to tell really until after the vote to see what issues are resonating with real voters. I suspect the foreign policy experience will always be the thing taking the Obama camp off their domestic policy messages.

  13. Big Dog says:

    The Dems are moving toward drilling for the sole purpose of taking the issue away until after the election. The economy, based on many numbers, is not that bad. The housing market (created by failed Dem policies) is tough but we have gone through worse.

  14. Bunny Colvin says:

    Where are Scottie and Swines????

    **this comment in no way implies that either Scottie or Swines is my b!tch.


  15. Reason says:

    “It’s frustrating because I want more than anything an independent media, not an equal but opposite number of partisan hacks and talking heads.”

    On this we can agree, the MSM is really annoying these days.

    The price of fuel is the major issue, and hopefully people don’t get short memories come November. It is the driving force behind all the inflation, the housing crisis sucks but that is a storm that can be weathered for most people. Eventually prices will go back up.

  16. Bunny Colvin says:

    “The price of fuel is the major issue, and hopefully people don’t get short memories come November. It is the driving force behind all the inflation, the housing crisis sucks but that is a storm that can be weathered for most people. Eventually prices will go back up.”

    unREASONable- you’re correct about gas prices. The price of gas will surely continue to go up. As will the price of housing. As for your claim that the housing storm is weatherable, we shall see. But I’m guessing that you’re totally uninformed about the effects of housing prices on middle class America.