Obama Should Have Listened To Limbaugh

OK, he should have listened sooner…

Well, he is at least considering Limbaugh’s advice now. Perhaps that is because there is a tough election coming this November and Obama’s tax and spend policies (which are really tax, borrow and spend) have done little for the economy. Business is sluggish, the unemployment rate is still above where they said it would be if we passed the Stimulus and our debt grows by leaps and bounds each and every minute (every second!!).

When Obama was immaculated Limbaugh devised The Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus Plan of 2009. You can read it in its entirety but one of the items was to cut the corporate tax rate. America’s corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world and Limbaugh proposed cutting it in half from 35% to 17%. His ideas fell on deaf ears as Obama spent three years telling us the only way to fix things was to make the rich pay their fair share (while ignoring the fact that they pay most of the taxes) and to spend our way out of a debt problem.

Raising taxes, the Democrats tell us, is the only way to solve the economic problems. If only the government had more money coming in it could be responsible and spend it responsibly. This ignores the history of our government spending what it takes in, no matter the amount, and then some. Reagan’s tax cuts increased revenue to the government but liberals claim it increased the deficit because there was not enough money. They ignore the reality that when more money came in, Congress spent more. They spent all of it and then borrowed money to spend even more.

Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) will soon announce that the government will try to cut corporate tax rates. The number being floated is 20%. Yes, the government is looking to cut corporate taxes by 15% in order to get things moving and increase revenue. The article points out that it would be hard to do in an election year but it will give the appearance that government has listened to corporations.

The increase in revenue is what Limbaugh said would happen and is why he proposed it in his 2009 plan.

Democrats know that people feel they have been overburdened with taxes. I know there are folks who claim this is not true but any poll that includes those who pay no taxes or who get money back even though they paid nothing is not valid. Those folks will always feel that people are not taxed enough because they want those who pay taxes to pay more so they can continue to live off the sweat of the people who actually pay their fair share (and then some). In other words, the unpatriotic should not be included in the poll (VP Joe Biden said it was patriotic to pay taxes so if you don’t pay you are not patriotic).

The Democrat party hates tax cuts but it knows that people hate tax increases. The Democrats talk tax cuts around every election because they are pandering to the people and trying to get elected (which seems to be the take of the article). Once the election is over they go right back to screaming that taxes need to be increased.

The funny thing is that nearly all the time the Democrats claim that tax increases are needed and that tax cuts hurt the economy and take money away from government. Then when election time rolls around they claim they need to cut taxes to increase revenue and improve the economy. Let’s face it. The only reason they want to raise taxes is because doing so meets their definition of fair. Even when presented with the reality that taking 100% of the money the rich make would not fix our problems Obama said he would still raise taxes because it is the fair thing to do.

Some leadership there.

If the government succeeds in lowering the corporate tax rate and the economy improves (which it will barring some other stupid government intervention) look for Obama to claim his past policies made it work and that he deserves four more years.

While Obama crows about how great he is and how his policies worked Limbaugh will be the one who can say:

See, I told you so.

Obama should listen to the adults in the room and not the radicals in his regime.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog

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